Stacy Westphalen had remembered getting hit over the head and then waking up a few times in a cargo container and pitching a fit to be let out, only to be silenced by heavy seditives. Now she was in a UEO medical facility, looking around she saw Jasmine in the bed next to her, just begining to stir. Stacy looked up at the IV drip an noticed it was a gluecose solution, she was dehydrated, looking around for someone was the next thing to do. Stacy was shocked to see a good friend waltz in with a smirk, Gwen.

Jasmine had a hell of a headache, her arms and legs felt heavy, she surveied her surroundings with her brown eyes. A UEO Medical Bay, next question where? Glancing towards her left she found Stacy in the next bed over, both of them hooked up to a glucose drip. Jasmine was thristy, she felt like she could drink a lake and it still wouldn't be enough. Down at the foot of the bed was a familiar form, a good friend, Gwendolyn Bridger.

"Gung Ho Bridge, what are you doing here?" Jasmine manage to rasp out.

"Stac, Jas, nice to see you awake." Bridger smiled at both of them.

"Cut it out Bridge, where the Hell are we?" Stacy glared at her friend. "Don't be a wise ass and say a MedBay, cause I'll get up out of this bed, IV and all and smack the hell out of you."

"Ooh, grouchy after those seditives aren't we." Gwen smriked. "Nice attitude after I saveded you both." Gwen leaned against the nearest cabinet. "Hey Longs, you got phsycopharmicology sprays?"

"Spare us the selfsacrificing bull shit Bridge," the GELF quipped "Where are we?"

"seaQuest." Gwen smiled.

"How the frell did we get here?" Jasmine looked at Stacy. "This is all your fault."

"Don't blame me for this, no one told you to drink that much."

"Are they always like this?" Longs asked as he nodded to his two charges.

"Want the truth or a lie?" Bridger managed to get out over the loud bickering.

"Truth." Longs grinned.

"Every damned day." Bridger smiled. "When you two finish you debate on the finer points of who did what I'll tell you what happened." that got both the other young women's attnentions. "Khol planned a unhappy reunion for the three of us in New Berlin, via cryo. He must have drugged you both, cause we found you in cargo cases marked biohazard."

"Where's the fat little bastard?" Jasmine began to get up "I'll strangle him till he's turns a few shades of purpler than I last time I tried."

"Chill walking talking UN," Stacy loked at Jasmine "She said we, problem is either Bridger had help or she dosen't know her pronouns as well as I thought."

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