"I don't get it, Tony looked at the two sedated forms "what is he going to do with them?"

"Pick up on experiments he was forced to abandon a long time ago." Bridger picked up her PAL again. "Commander, we have to sedated captives down here in the cargo. Khol had a third one down here, and a third container empty. I'll give you two guesses what he's here for and its not for help."

"Damn, It will take me a few moments to get a team down here."

"Tell him there's a line that's faulty, anything to stall them until the security team is down here."

Bridger looked at Piccolo, she asked him to help her lift both the young women out of the cases. The two of them managed to get both Stacy and Jasmine laid out on the launch benches. Neither of the young women stirred, their pulse very faint. Tony was beginning to get nervous, thinking they were dead. Bridger explained about the drugs used to prep a person for cryogenic storage, they were heavy sedatives.

"Security team has arrived, and secured the area, come on up." Ford spoke over the link.

Bridger climbed the ladder, ordering Tony to stay put and get a med team down to the Launch Bay. Arriving at the air lock she saw several security officers weapons pointed at the NSC officers. A slight smirk on her face as she emerged form the lock.

"What's this all about Bridger?" Khol demanded.

"Doctor Marcus Khol, you and you NSC officer are under arrest for kidnapping two UEO officers, boarding a UEO vessel under false pretenses, attempting to kidnap a UEO officer, and attempting to practice unlawful genetics and cryogenic experiments."

"Commander, I beg you to order her to let us go." Khol looked to Ford. "I have done nothing of the sort!"

"Sorry Doctor, your under arrest." Ford smiled. "Lieutenant Bridger, escort them to the brig."

"Yes sir." Bridger motioned the team on. "Gentlemen, you wanted the tour of the ship? Your going to get the prisoner's first hand view of the brig." she cuffed Hilda.

Dive deeper~~~~~>

<~~~~~Surface quickly!