"Ford, go Leuteniant."

"Khol's got two big cargo cases marked Biohazard, here's the quandary, why haul two cases full of biohazard from New Cape Quest to NSC Labs in New Berlin? Think he's hiding something?"

"Your security Bridger, you tell me?" Ford joked. "Go a head and open them Lt. I have a feeling that there's more than medical waste in those."

"I think your right, hang on." Bridger notice Piccolo's return. "Tony, help me open this." Bridger stood in front of a cargo case.

"It's medical waste." He cast a glance at the stickers.

"Why would they haul it from Cape Quest to New Berlin?" she raised a brow.

"Good point, Lt." he smirked. "What do you think it is?" he flipped the latch on the one beside the first one.

Bridger and Piccolo both pushed the lids up to reveal two forms, both of which were female. Gwen immediately recognized both of the young women, Stacy and Jasmine. Piccolo looked astonished.

"Not what, who," Bridger looked at a third container. "A third one?" she made her way over to it opening it revealing an empty cargo container. "Empty."

Dive deeper~~~~~>

<~~~~~Surface quickly!