"Ms. Bridger," Khol hissed out " so nice to see you again, how are you sleeping lately?" he chuckled.

Bridger had decided that if he had said anything to her she was going to keep her tongue civil and reverse the situation. "Quite well since I left your company, Doctor," She kept her voice as cold as the Antarctica. "how are your dreams lately? Any better after I left you that souvenir?" She nodded to his face.

"No fitful dreams of late," he chuckled "You abilities have they been acting up lately?"

"Nope." she gestured to the nearest engineer to move out of her way.

Bridger knew what the cause of the problem was, it was an access panel inside the launch. a small fuse no bigger than a ball point pen had more than likely blown. Climbing down the ladder she found Piccolo looking through the yards of wire and numerous switches. He looked thoroughly lost, not to mention at his wits end.

"Hey Bridger." Piccolo smiled. "What are you doing down here? I thought you were weapons and security?" he looked at a wire in hand.

"I was a Launch Tech a long time ago, I know this model better than any one. There's a fuse that gives out if the motor's been doing some heavy work. design flaw a minor one. Are there any display fuses over there?"

"Let me see, everything but, I'll go up and get one." Piccolo rose and headed up the ladder.

Gwen pulled the fuse out carefully, she had broken a few of the long, thin, iridescent tubes and had to get the glass removed from her hand. She had pulled it out with success, it was a small part to go out so often, but none the less. Holding the tube up to the light, Gwen found that the fuse was fine. Something was wrong she could sense it in her gut. She glanced up to see the two large blue industrial plastic cargo cases siting on their dollys. Both marked biohazard, something didn't add up here. Grabbing her PAL she lifted up to talk.

"Commander Ford, this is Lt. Bridger, I think we have a situation."

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