"Hudson, go." the gravely voice came over the PAL.

"I have somewhat of a problem here, sir." Ford hoped he was not on the loudspeaker on the bridge. "Its a delicate matter involving a certain Lieutenant."

"Go on."

"Engineering has a problem, they asked for Henderson her knowledge is in coms and propulsion, we need Lt. Bridger, she has the most experience with MR-7s."

"All right, is that all?" Hudson asked.

"No sir, Khol asked to see the science labs, I gave an excuse that engineering was using them for storage. I just don't think the good doctor liked the answerer too well, I have security keeping an eye on him now." Ford could see the hatch that led to Bridger's new quarters.

"Thank you Commander." Hudson terminated the link.

Ford found the hatch open and Lucas and Gwen talking feverishly about something, he decided to knock. "Gwen, can I see you, alone for a moment?"

"Sure," she smiled and looked to Lucas "can we finish talking later?"

"Yeah, that would be great." Lucas smiled and headed off. "Later."

"Yeah. Commander?" she swallowed hard.

"I know you don't want to do this, but its an order. Engineering needs your help on the NSC MR-7. They can't figure out what's causing the glitch." he kept his voice authoritative.

"Okay." Bridger grabbed her cover "The only thing I ask is that you keep Khol at a good distance, preferably out of my reach." she kept her face devoid of any emotion.

"Gwen, I wouldn't ask you if I thought we had someone else to do this. I know your reasons-"

"Commander, I mean no offense, but you can not know my reasons for wanting to see that sick bastard's remains feeding moray eels for the next few years. He put me through a great amount of pain and torture that I'm very sure that no therapy could help ease. The only reason I'm going down there is to get his sorry ass of this boat before he decides to take on some one else as a pet project." Bridger grabbed her PAL and computer controlled handcuffs and her stun gun.

Bridger marched down to the launch bay Ford walking with her, she stiffened as soon as they got there. She kept her emotion in check as she spotted him, reminding herself that she would do no good killing him in front of this many witnesses. She watched the Commander out of the corner of her eye ask the security officer to move Khol out of arms reach of Bridger.

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