Bridger was glad that her shift's end was not long after that, heading to Henderson's quarters she grabbed her duffle and guitar. Loni fond her closing the hatch and nodded in understanding as Bridger gave her a weak smile and headed on. Bridger had almost made it to her new quarters when Lucas found her. He smiled and stopped to talk with her.

"Lucas, do you mind coming in and talking while I unpack?" she opened the hatch. "I-" she cut herself off with a low whistle.

"Yeah, my thoughts exactly." he looked around.

"More space than I'm used to, and I'm not sure that I'm gonna get used to being alone."she tossed her duffle on the bunk. "I'm sorry Lucas, what did you want to talk about?"

"I just wanted to talk, the normal conversation." Lucas smiled, noticing her complexion was paler than normal. "Something wrong?"

"No, nothing." She smiled, "I guess I'm a little wigged out about occupying Brodie quarters so soon."

"Yeah, I guess. So do you write your own songs?" He cast a glance at the guitar.

Dr. Marcus Khol had been asked by the Seaman to remain in the Launch bay, but his pale green eyes spotted an officer. The young man was checking with a few crew members on a few things. Making his way over to the Commander he waited patiently.

Jonathan had been down talking with the engineering crew, trying to help them out. They were the one part of the DSV's crew that had not had much of a break since the attack. He had just finished up when he spotted the short hunched over stature of Dr. Khol.

The man was at least in his late forties to early fifties, balding. His glasses magnified his eyes until they looked at least three sizes bigger than they should have been. A few liver spots on his hands and face, the pale green eyes held a cold energy to them. The long scar was nasty and ran the length of the left side of his face. Jonathan had to brace himself to strongly resist the urge to shiver. Just being in the Doctor's presence made Ford very sure that he didn't want to be there long. Especially after hearing what he had done to Bridger alone.

"Can I help you Doctor?" Ford asked trying to look extremely busy.

"Yes," Khol hissed out. "I was wondering if I could have a brief tour of the ship, at the very least the science labs."

"Its out of the question," Ford forced himself to smile, "The Captain has asked that you remain here, its for your safety. Our engineering crew have been horrible understaffed of late and they are storing things in the labs." Ford didn't want to mention the Gwen was here and he defiantly would want Khol to bump into her.

Jonathan could see several possibilities to an encounter of the two individuals. He could easily see Bridger beating the monster to a bloody pulp. Ford could also see Khol over powering Bridger by a hypospray of sedatives and resuming his experiments on her. The Commander shuttered at both possibilities.

"Commander?" the seaman spoke up. "we need some help down here, bad. Any chance Henderson can come down here?"

"No, I'll see who can, if you'll excuse me Dr. Khol." Ford headed off, stoping briefly to talked to the security member in the area. "I need you to keep the Doctor over there, don't let him out of launch bay, understood?" Ford raised his brow.

The security remember gave him conformation as Jonathan headed up to B Deck. He knew Bridger had some engineering experience with the MR-7, she would more than likely know what it was. He hated to have the two of them anywhere near each other, but it looked like it was inevitable. Ford grabbed his PAL and asked for Hudson.

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