"Sir, there's a secure channel hailing us, UEO North Sea Confederation." the Communications officer turned towards the Captain.

Hudson had seen Bridger's form stiffen out of the corner of his eye. "Bring it up Mr. O'Neill."

Gwen had heard the words North Sea Confederation, and those simple three words brought back horrible memories. Psychological torture, painful physical and drug induced Kafkaesque memories she would have just have like to have left buried in her mind.

Gwendolyn had never feared any man or woman until ten years ago, she had the unfortunate luck to cross a Dr. Marcus Khol of the NSC. She had been a smart ass SEAL fresh out of training when she made the bad judgement call to simply insult the man. Stacy and Jasmine's only crime had been being slightly drunk and in her company. For the simple words she had used the cruel bastard had inflicted unspeakable violations of the mind, body and rights of all three young women.

Years of cruel and relentless test by SPIRES picking their brain psychically. The use of the heavy drugs used to sedate them while in cryogenic storage at the bottom of a trench in the North Sea Lab. Physically exhausting them by keeping them up almost two weeks at a time when they were out of storage. Bridger was afraid to look up at the Vidlink, too afraid that it was Khol's grinning face she would see.

"Captain Hudson?" a Swedish accent asked. "This is Lt. Hilda Volenshimdt, of the NSC, we were heading back to the main offices in New Berlin when we had a MR-7 malfunction we're stranded outside Atlantis Two's borders, could you be of assistance?"

"Happy to Lt., any Science crew aboard with you?" Hudson asked.

"No, no one except Dr. Khol, he's all we have." the Lt. replied happily.

Hudson watched Bridger pale even further, as she sat ram rod straight."All right, that would be fine, just make the repairs necessary and be on your way." he nodded to O'Neill who was looking at Bridger with concern, Hudson made his way over to Bridger, leaning over her shoulder and speaking in a low tone. "I know you have your reasons, and I can't say I blame you Lt., but you are to go no where near that shuttle, understood?"

Bridger kept her tone low." Yes, sir, permission to speak freely?"

"Granted." Oliver said preparing himself to hear anything form the young woman.

"You couldn't offer me anything to go within a thousand yards of that monster." she swallowed the lump in her throat.

"I'm glad to hear it." he nodded. "I will make sure that Dr. Khol doesn't leave the Launch Bay."

"Thank you sir." Bridger nodded.

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