"Helen?" Nathan grinned "You got me off the island, now what?"

"Nathan!" She smiled raising out of the chair and throwing her arms around his neck. "How did you know I was here?"

"I didn't, just lucked out." Nathan grinned at her.

"Kristen, how are you? How long has it been?" Helen beamed.

"I'm good, its been ages, at least since the girls got into trouble in Pearl Harbor." Kristen smiled at the other woman. "What's brought you out of the jungle?"

"Paper work and bureaucrats." she smiled. "I've got to go before the Senate and convince them that science still has a place in the UEO, some of the others on the Council will be there."

"Oh yes, I remember our meeting last month, we decided who was going to present." Kristen smiled. "I hear congratulations are in order for Gwendolyn, she's got her transfer."

"That's not all, she finally got a promotion, she's a Lieutenant now." Helen smiled.

Bridger had been told that they had cleared out Brodie's quarters, she took her last break near the end of her shift to go to Henderson's quarters and pack. She had packed most of her things, setting them by the door she glanced at her watch and sprinted to the bridge. Arriving a minuet early, Gwen tried to hide the fact that she had run most of the way.

Hudson noted Bridger's arrival was very punctual, she had obviously run most of the way her face had a bit more color and her breathing had betrayed her. He nodded and decided to sit in his chair. He wasn't sure he liked the changes that were coming his way.

Talk of the Macronesians had finally surrendered, the embargoes on food and resources had driven them to starvation and dwindling supplies. Oliver was glad to see that the harsh tactics of the UEO had worked where the negotiations had failed. There was a downside to all of this, that meant that there might be room for science and research again. He knew he would be ordered to take a scientific crew or transfer. The option of retirement came to mind, he was seriously considering it. O'Neill's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

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