Helen Bridger-Smith had been in what was left of the earth's rain forest for the last six months, making her way back to civilization to file her work with the UEO and to see if her lab had yielded any results. It had been twenty four hours since she had checked her email. Helen had just sat down at her desk, going through her computer to the UEO net checking her mail. Her daughter's address had caught her attention, there were two messages from Gwendolyn.

Ignoring the mail from her colleagues she immediately went for her daughter's messages. Opening the first she got a small audio file of Gwen greeting her mother, followed by a typed message. Helen had gotten to the news that Gwen had been transferred to the seaQuest. A smile graced her face as she read on, Helen was just about through reading the first message when there was a knock on her office door.

Not taking her green eyes off the screen Helen gave the customary greeting, "Come in." Looking up she saw Dr. Levine, she smiled. "Michael, how are you?"

"Quite well," he gave her a charming smile "I heard you came back to civilization, and had to see for myself. How are you Helen?"

"Oh I'm all right I guess, my daughter finally got her transfer." Helen smiled at him. "Is there something you wanted to see me about?" she raised a blonde brow.

"Nothing science related, thought my might want to go to the commissary and grab a cup of tea." he smiled. "I see your busy, maybe later." he headed for the door.

"Sure." Helen smiled and returned to her reading.

Michael Levine exited Helen's office and almost ran into a former colleague, Kristen Wesphalen. He smiled as they exchanged a few pleasantries before he noticed Captain Bridger. He smiled as inquired about the Captain, the reply was quick, Michael quickly excused himself heading back to the hydroponics lab.

Helen had made it through the second message from her daughter when there was a knock on the door again. Giving the same manitous greeting she gave Dr. Levine, she hadn't tore her eyes from the computer screen.

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