Kristen headed out of the large conference room to find Nathan Bridger patiently waiting on a bench. She stopped short of him, a smile on her face. He rose off the bench and walked over to her.

"Kristen." he said simply "How did things go? Sounds like some one was irate in there."

"Nathan," she smiled sheepishly "That was me you heard in there, Dr. Marcus Khol is the representative for the North Sea Confederation. The monster," she spat, causing Nathan to chuckle. "you should know about him, you niece was part of his experiment along with my youngest daughter, Stacy."

"Gwen never told me about it." Nathan said walking with Kristen. "What happened?"

"You mean to tell me Gwendolyn never told you?" Kristen stopped putting a hand on her hip. "She said she was going to talk about with you."

"Gwen's like her mother and myself, we say one thing and do another." He smiled, it soon faded. "I'll ask her about it the next time I talk to her."

"What are you doing here Nathan, I thought you had retired from all this." Kristen smiled at him.

"I did," Bridger smiled as he walked with her "Try telling that to the brass. I was summoned from on high." He gestured towards the ceiling with a smirk. "I figured I'd better talk to Helen while she's out of the jungle. You want to come up there with me?"

"Why?" Kristen smirked. "Afraid of something?" asking while they waited in the MagLev. "What did she call you here for?"

"Something about Gwen, that girl is going to be the death of me, yet." Bridger boarded the MagLev with Kristen.

"Oh?" Kristen smiled "Stacy said something about Gwen's transfer finally coming through."

"My niece is under the boot of that tyrant?" Bridger looked upset. "The only time I'd come out of retirement is to board the seaQuest as her captain."

"I hear persistence pays off." Kristen smirked.

"What have you heard?" Bridger looked over at her.

"They've subdued the Macronesians, there may be a possibility that the seaQuest my have a science crew on her next patrol." Kristen smiled. "Which means that Hudson is either going to be ordered to take a science crew or he will transfer."

"There's hope yet." Nathan smiled.

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