Various confederations had offices at the UEO, the Mediterranean, North Atlantic, West Indies, South Atlantic and the North Sea, most despised of current, not for their attitudes, but for their scientific experimentation. They were beginning delving back into genetics and cryogenics. They had been unofficially experimenting with both for the past ten years.

Each of the Confederations had their top scientists that met in a tribunal only governing the scientific aspects of the UEO. Officially the UEO had dropped the scientific aspect on their vessels, but not completely. One scientist stuck out more on the Council than any other. Dr. Marcus Kohl, a man who's reputation had been compared to Mengla. The man believed there were no moral limits to science and that the rest of tribunal was clinging to puritanical ways. Dr.Westphalen

"Doctor Khol," a familiar female British accent spoke up. "your methods are unscrupulous and quite disturbing." Kristen Wesphalen continued. "However you have made great advanced discoveries in certain fields. The contributions in bioengineering are greatly appreciated, but we all have come to the conclusion that if you do not cease your continuing experiments in genetics and cryogenics the UEO Science Council will have to ask that the North Sea find a new representative." Her tone was exasperating.

"Doctor Wesphalen you are restricted by your morals and ethics." Khol's voice was small and heavily accented. "I am free to explore the opportunities that nature and technology have to offer."

"That does not excuse you from the numerous lives you ended or grossly effected." Wesphalen's voice barely held her rage.

"Kristen, your letting your personal feelings get in the way." Khol smiled smugly and sat back.

"Your damned right my emotions are getting in the way. I don' t know how you mange to live with yourself, you experimented on your own son and he has died as a result." She rose from her chair, leaning on the table. "When you start in on my children or someone else's children that is another matter. AND sir, I'll have you know I use that term with you loosely, I'd ask you to address me by my title. I only allow my close friends to call me by my first name, and Mr. Khol you are not one of those. I frankly don't know why the UEO hasn't stripped you of your credentials yet." Kristen's temper in full view of the Council, Gathering herself Dr. Wesphalen turns to the others. "This concludes the business for the month, good day to you all." she gathered her papers.

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