Jonathan had also found out what Bridger had left out in their little talk earlier. The North Sea Confederation, in particular Dr. Marcus Kohl had borrowed Bridger, Jasmine a GELF, and Stacy Westphlaen a UEO science officer for some cryogenic testing during the ten years that they were gone. The three young women were subject to some gruesome test while under the heavy sedation. He knew after that why Bridger had not told him.

"I hear your getting a promotion." Ford smiled.

"Why?" Bridger asked. "I didn't do anything dramatic."

"Hudson noticed you've been passed over for promotion the last two years." Ford smiled. "He thought it was past time, and he mentioned something about he couldn't have his weapons Officer be just a Petty Officer."

"So what will be added to the uniform and title? Lieutenant Junior Grade?" Bridger asked.

"Can't say, that's the Captain's news." Ford smiled hearing the grating ring out.

"Bridger," Hudson gave a booming greeting. "How are you this morning?"

"Good Sir, thank you for asking." she smiled nodding. "Yourself sir?"

"Quite well." Hudson took a sip of his coffee. "How long has Lieutenant Bridger been on duty?"

"About fifteen minuets before she had to be here." Ford smiled.

Gwen had thought the day would be typical, that she would be doing the routine checks. But the news of a promotion was good news, but she knew that Hudson's ego was at work. Taking a seat at the weapons station she did a routine check running specs. She felt Hudson's eyes watching her, she double checked the torpedoes and lasers before she pulled herself out of the chair.

She had talked to her uncle on VIDLink about Hudson once before. She knew when she had arrived that it would be strictly military. Uncle Nathan was upset about the fact that Hudson had ordered off all science personnel, he was down right livid for a while. Gwen still was not used to calling Nathan Hale Bridger her uncle let alone family.

"What's the opinion Bridger, is she ready for combat?" Hudson asked.

"One hundred and ten percent sir." she nodded.

"Good." he turned to find Lucas checking the computer systems. "Ensign, what do we have?"

"Were at one hundred after that patch job we did on B deck, Captain."

"Good, good. The Macronesians tore at us, but Wolenczack and O'Neill have been working endlessly to fix things."

"Thank you sir." Lucas looked at Piccolo as he entered.

Lucas was glad to see his bunk, he had taken the fall for Tony only because he owed Piccolo. Now they were even, working double shifts was over at least until tomorrow. Right now all he wanted to do was sleep. After changing, Lucas crawled between the cool sheets and fell asleep.

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