"Hey," Bridger smiled. "What brings your to B Deck?"

"Uh, I uh came down here looking for a, uh console." Lucas smiled looking at the nearest one, he felt like he had stepped back ten years the way his body was reacting. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for my temporary quarters, but I've forgotten Henderson's number." Bridger rolled her eyes. "I can remember weapons specs for three years after I read them, but I can't remember my quarter's numbers."

"Henderson is 45, I think." Lucas smiled.

"Thanks," Bridger made her way to Henderson's quarters. "see you around, Ensign." She smiled spotting O'Neill "Tim."

"Gwen," O'Neill smiled "Lucas did you find that access console?"

"Yeah," Lucas said clearing his throat.

"I see that's not all you found." O'Neill smirked.

Four hundred came early for Bridger, it seemed as though her head had just hit the pillow when her alarm went off. Henderson flipped on the light, squinting and trying to be civil.

"Hey." she smiled at Bridger. "Sleep well?"

"I feel like I just got to sleep like five minuets ago." Bridger sat on the edge of her bunk. "Damn alarm is twenty minuets early." hoping down she grabbed her uniform.

Bridger and Henderson got dressed together a few words exchanged between them. Bridger finished lacing her boots when she grabbed her cover, tucking the dark hair up under it she had managed to do so when she felt the begin to sneak out. Muttering a few words, Henderson smiled as Bridger quickly pulled it back out of her face and into a quick braid. Henderson head for the Mess Hall expecting Bridger to follow. Soon finding out that Bridger didn't eat until first break, she smiled and waved.

Ford was glad to see the graveyard shift about to end, knowing Hudson would be in ten minuets before official watch would be up he shouted at Lucas who as close to nodding off. Several other occupants looked a bit startled. Hearing the footsteps on the grating Ford checked his watch, the Captain was at least twenty minuets early. Tuning to get out of the captain's chair he found Bridger standing there.

"Petty Officer Gwendolyn Bridger reporting for the first day of duty, Sir." She smiled. "Anything going on Commander?"

"Nothing, its a graveyard out there." he smiled. "You sleep all right?"

"No, I'm used to having the graveyard shift, this daytime thing is new." she made her way over. "Any chance I can get a transfer?" her brow raised in hope.

"You'll have to talk to the Captain about that, besides only rookies work the night shift."

"Thanks Commander." Lucas shot back.

"With a few exceptions," Ford smile broaden "some people get in trouble for their bunkmates actions."

"Oh?" Bridger smiled "I'll keep that in mind. Anything else I should be aware of Sir?"

Ford did not know if he should tell Bridger the good news or not. He couldn't stand not being able to congratulate the young woman. Hudson had shared her record with him at dinner, Bridger had repeatedly given up her rank for her fellow crewmen that had families to support. Captain Morgan had written in the file that Bridger was fiercely loyal to the U.E.O. and her code of ethics. Bridger had been mentored by Cocker, Hudson asked Ford about Crocker's record. Jonathan had informed the Captain that Crocker was a good man and he had done a excellent job in security and weapons.

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