Lucas was going to dinner with his usual group of late, O'Neill, Ortiz and Piccolo. They talked all the way there about Bridger. Piccolo not doing much talking, just listening for a change. Ortiz and O'Neill doing most of the talking, Lucas just added a comment to the discussion every so often.

"I'm telling you I do remember her now," O'Neill pleaded with Meguil. "Meguil, she has to only have aged four years at the maximum."

"Sure, that why you asked me where you had seen her before." Ortiz cast Tim a sidewards glance, a bemused smirk on his face. "So she looks young for twenty six."

"Yeah, so does Lucas, but remember we were abducted for ten years, what's Bridger's excuse?"

"Good genes?" Piccolo asked. "Who cares? She looks good, and seems to be my type."

"Your type?" Lucas raised a brow "I didn't know you had a type."

"Who said you get first dibs on her?" Ortiz looked at Piccolo.

"I don't see any of you calling her." Piccolo smiled.

"Maybe because we'd like her to choose, she does have a brain." Lucas looked at Piccolo. "Besides calling dibs is so primal."

"Aw come on Luc, men are primal, we establish territory, mark our territory, besides maybe she digs primal." Tony shrugged. "Who's she bunking with?"

"Henderson," Ortiz spoke up "Ford told me, at least until they get hold of Brodie's next of kin. Send them all his personal effects."

"I thought Brodie's only relatives was his mom." Piccolo spoke up.

"He's got a sister somewhere in Kansas." Ortiz said as they arrived in the mess.

Four sets of eyes looked around the crowded mess hall, finding Bridger and Henderson eating together, one making the other laugh. The four men exchanged looks and smiled, the same idea came into their minds at the same time.

"What's say we join Henderson and Bridger?" Piccolo suggested.

"Sounds like a good idea." Ortiz grinned.

Bridger and Henderson were hitting it off, each of the women telling the other about their most embarrassing moments. They had just finished and had paused for a breather, when the four men joined them.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Henderson asked.

"We thought we'd join you two, keep you company." Ortiz smiled. "Bridger, welcome back."

"Thanks Ortiz." Bridger smiled. "I know O'Neill and Lucas, but you," She looked at Tony "I don't remember."

"Anthony Piccolo," He extend his hand "That's because I wasn't here."

"Ah, that explains that." She shook his hand, putting some strength behind her grip. "By the way guys Katie says hi and told me that she wanted to know how you were doing."

"Hitchcock asking about us?" Ortiz smirked.

"I've got her email if you want it." Bridger offered.

"That would be great." Lucas smiled.

"Oooh, I've got to go for a run before I hit the sack, I'll see you all tomorrow." Bridger said grabbing her tray and heading out.

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