O'Neill thought he had seen Bridger some where before, he couldn't quite place her. Asking Ortiz about the young woman, Tim was quickly informed that she had served on the old seaQuest. Tim remembered her then, she worked in Docking Bay 2. Bridger was about sixteen at the time, but she was twenty at the most now. Something was not adding up here, Bridger had only aged four years in the ten they were all gone. What could have caused this?

Ford and Bridger were talking on the MagLev and the Commander had asked her what she had been up to but she had left something out. Ford was not going to push the young woman. He was glad to see another familiar face back on board, the remaining crew from the original seaQuest were a tight knit group, like family they kept tabs on each other.

"Bridger, something bothering you?" Ford stopped in the empty hallway.

"Yeah," she sighed. "They told me that you guys just lost your weapons officer, Brodie? I hate replacing any crew that way." she walked on with the Commander.

"Yeah, we did, its still a somewhat touchy subject with the security and weapons personnel." Ford fell into step with her.

"I take it Brodie was well liked." Bridger raised a brow.

"Not at first," Ford let a smile begin to form, "but he grew on us."

"So who's the bunk buddy?" she smiled trying to get his mind off of the incident.

"Loni Henderson, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Brodie rescued her, she's been off on personal time, Hudson's orders. Henderson goes on duty with you tomorrow at four hundred."

"Referring to a crew member in the first name?" she smiled and wagged her brow "Commander, are you involved with the Lieutenant?"

"That's personal." Ford smirked.

"Yeah, and I'm a good girl." Bridger grinned, but let it go as Ford knocked on the hull.

"Come in." a soft voice called out.

The Commander opened the hull and stepped in making room for Bridger and her stuff. Bridger smiled at Henderson, Loni returned the smile and rose from her bunk. A smile broadened when she glanced at the Commander. Ford knew the two of them would get along just fine.

"Henderson, I'd like to introduce you to Gwendolyn Bridger, you new bunk mate."

"He used a first name, which means your an old friend." Loni smiled and extended her hand. "Nice to meet you."

"Same here," Bridger shook her hand. "I hope you don't mind, I brought my guitar."

"No, it will be a treat." Loni smiled. "I used to have a bunkmate who played trumpet, she used to start each day with a charge."

"Oooh," Bridger winced "at four hundred, and you didn't do bodily harm?" Gwen smiled "Your a better woman than me."

"Well, if you ladies will excuse me, I have to get back to the bridge." Ford interrupted.

"Thanks again Commander." Bridger spoke over her shoulder.

Bridger and Henderson spent the rest of the time getting to know each other likes and dislikes. The two women seemed to share a great many likes, and few dislikes. Bridger put her clothes away digging out a clean uniform she fingered the current I.D. patch. Smiling at the word Atlantis, Loni noticed and asked Bridger about it. They traded stories on their assignments. After Gwen had reduced Loni to fits of laughter about one assignments the two decided to head for the mess hall.

"Tell me she's still got good food." Bridger pleaded.

"Its not bad," Henderson smirked. "I've had worse." glancing down at her watch she smiled. "Shift change, everybody will be here soon."

"Well, we had better get moving, other wise there will be nothing left."

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