Ford had been the commander on both of the seaQuests and he knew most of the enlisted that had served on both, but he remembered one face more than any other. Seaman Gwendolyn Bridger, or she was at the time when he had first had the pleasure of dealing with her. The young woman had sought out Lt. Commander Hitchcock for personal reasons, but Katherine had been busy. The issue soon fell into his lap, he had helped Bridger out as best he could. When the Chief had transferred her, she sought his help, unfortunately Jonathan had agreed with the head of security. Here she was again, but she returned a different person, and he was not the only one to notice. It seemed the shy awkward young woman had gotten lost and been replaced with a self assured officer.

"Captain Hudson, Sir," Bridger said setting her things down and managing to snap to attention before Hudson could turn around. "Petty Officer Gwendolyn Bridger reporting for duty." she saluted Hudson.

"Bridger, welcome aboard, why aren't you in uniform?" he surveyed her civvies.

"It was my day off sir, I didn't receive notice of my transfer until before oh six hundred."

"U.S.S. Atlantis, Captain Morgan still in charge?" Hudson asked with a slight smirk.

"Yes, Sir, she says that she'd like a rematch." Bridger eyes remained forward, but the smile revealed that she knew more than she was telling.

"I bet," Hudson smirk widened just slightly. "Welcome aboard Bridger, Commander would you show the Officer to her temporary quarters?"

"Yes sir." Ford smiled as Bridger again saluted, then grabbing her duffle and guitar case. "Welcome back Bridger."

"Thanks Sir." Bridger smiled heading off the bridge with the Commander.

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