Gwen had gotten off the launch hoping to find an officer awaiting her, but as the Lieutenant that had plioted the launch handed her gear she glanced over her shoulder to find a young man arriving. He could not be much older than herself, average height, mousey brown hair, pale, in uniform, and he seemed to be looking for someone else. Gwen let and evil smirk slip onto her face, as she put on her U.S.S. Atlantis cover.

Lucas did see the young woman in the air lock grabbing her gear, and was that a guitar case? He took a good look at her, she was tall, tight blue jeans displaying her form, heather gray spaghetti tank with the U.E.O. insignia on it, combat boots, and an Atlantis cover. Her eyes were a dark color, her hair was a dark brown, almost black and tied back, the tattoo on her upper right arm was several Celtic knots in a band.

"Hi, are you Petty Officer Bridger?" Lucas approached the air lock.

"Yeah," she gave him a half smile, then turned her attention to the launch "thanks Johnson."

"No problem Bridger." the Lieutenant smiled up at her.

"So," she looked at his I.D. patch "Ensign Wolenczak, can you take me to the bridge?"

"Yeah," Lucas smiled, extending his hand "please call me Lucas."

"All right, Lucas, I'm Gwen." she shook his hand.

"You want some help?" he offered picking up the guitar case.

"No, I'll manage." she took the case from him. "Thanks."

Lucas asked her a few questions as they made their way to the bridge. She kept her answers brief and to the point. He supposed that came from years of being in the U.E.O., Lucas found himself doing the same thing more and more often. They talked while riding on MagLev as soon as the two arrived at the clam bay doors the conversation ended. Lucas headed back to his station and Gwen carrying her duffle and guitar case made her way to the Captain.

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