Gwendolyn Elizabeth Bridger had been a child once, she remembered what it was like to be full of curiosity and undepleateable energy. She sat in the docking bay watching the two small girls giggle and laugh as they chased each other around while waiting for their father. Gwen had just received her transfer to the seaQuest less that eight hours ago and she was waiting in the docking bay at New Cape Quest Florida. She was awaiting the arrival of her launch looking at her watch she had a few hours before it arrived but resigned herself to tinker with her seapoc. Dropping an email to her mother, she let her mother know that she had been transferred. Gwen had been on the seaQuest 4600 up until its sinking, she had been transferred two months before the ship's demise.

Her transfer was thanks to the Chief, she was to join the UEO SEAL program, he felt that she had potenteintal and she was wasting it on board the seaQuest. Gwen had pleaded her case to stay, but Crocker had stubbed up, it was for her own benefit. Manilow Crocker had continued a fatherly relationship with Bridger as she went through the rough and sometimes cruel training. He had been there when she graduated. She smiled and sent an email to the Chief as well.

Looking at her watch she still had time to work on some guitar chords. Pulling the acoustic guitar out of its case Gwen tuned it up and began playing a few children's songs that she had learned from her mother. The two little girls were entranced that the stranger knew some of their favorites, the girls' mother smiled appreciably.

Captain Oliver Hudson was glad that today there had not been any surprises so far, the crew had gotten through the day smoothly. In a few hours a new crew member would be on board and they could head out. At present the crew of the seaQuest II was two hundred miles off the coast of her home port New Cape Quest. He had not informed the crew of the DSV that they were to receive a new crew member on board. Petty Officer Gwendolyn Elizabeth Bridger would have caused a stir by only her last name being mentioned. Standing at the helm he looked out at the current sub surface view on the main screen. The map displayed a small launch approaching.

"Mr. O'Neill, hail that launch." Oliver's gruff voice broke the calm.

"All ready on it sir," Lieutenant. O'Neill turned back to his station "This is the UEO DSV seaQuest, requesting identification."

"seaQuest this is UEO MR-7 from New Cape Quest, requesting permission to dock."

"Sir?" Lieutenant O'Neill looked to the Captain for permission.

"Permission granted," Oliver nodded, turning to face the rest of the bridge he found several sets of eyes on him. "I need a volunteer to go get Petty Officer Bridger," He looked directly at Lucas "Ensign Wolenczak, your just about finished scanning the system, you can escort the Officer to the bridge, no stops directly here, understood?"

"Yes sir," Lucas stood and left the bridge, Piccolo filling his station.

Was it possible that the Captain had decided to come back? Had Nathan Bridger been demoted? The numerous questions raced through the young genius' mind as he made his way down to the docking bay. Lucas was lot in his own thoughts as he finally arrived in the docking bay, his blue eyes searching for a male form.

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