Witchblade Revelations

1-1 Parallax
Irons tells Sara, "The visions make some of the wielders paranoid but you should trust them. They are showing you things that are real, as real as what you normally see -- if not more so....You see things that other people don't. You see the periphery, the fringes, the faces in the shadows." Irons admits that Vorschlag Industries was involved with the military, developing aggression-enhancing substances that were also intelligence-enhancing. Ian Nottingham was subjected to these drugs. He became, in Irons' words, "an example of the training working perfectly. He is both lethal and loyal."

1-2 Conundrum
Though her story is not fully revealed here, Elizabeth Bronte is shown in a Witchblade vision to be a spy for the British in WWII. Nottingham tells Sara: "Women wear the Witchblade because they can stand pain. The same reason you bear the children. Life is born of pain." While sifting through her father's memento box, Sara comes across a bullet with the image of a bull etched in it.

1-3 Diplopia
Gabriel tells Sara that the Latin name for the Witchblade is "Digitabulum Magae" -- the "glove of the witch." He sites references to its existence in different cultures, including Babylonian friezes and Celtic Runes. Dominique tells Sara that the "Witchblade is orchestrating your life now. So nothing happens by chance or accident. The blade weaves a web. It draws to itself -- to you -- everything it needs. Only what it needs. To teach you. To achieve its ends."

1-4 Sacrifice
A Witchblade vision reveals that the Celtic warrior/goddess Cathain was a Wielder. Her lover was the Celtic prince, Conchobar. This parallels the course of events between Sara and the Irish singer Conchobar, with whom she falls in love. Gabriel Bowman tells Sara the Witchblade was once in Hitler's private collection of objects of power, but it was stolen by one of his own SS officers to give to his mistress. He later tells her that Elizabeth Bronte was the mistress who received the Blade and that she was a British spy who took the SS lieutenant as a lover to infiltrate the Nazis. Bronte was instrumental in breaking the Enigma code for the Allies, which turned the tide of the war.

1-5 Legion
Irons tells Nottingham: "At first I believed the Witchblade chose its wearers only in times of crisis. Wars. Famines. Pestilence. Then I realized sometimes it causes the wars. Creates its own opportunities." "The Periculum" is mentioned by Nottingham. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Irons has Friar Bellamy's missing WWII journals.

1-6 Maelstrom
Irons commissions the development of wetware that when implanted in humans would allow him to use electromagnetic signals to control them. Nottingham has the chance to recover the Witchblade for Irons, but instead he returns it to its rightful owner, Sara. Then he lies to Irons about the incident, saying he couldn't get it off Sara's wrist.

1-7 Periculum
Joan of Arc tells Sara that "your spirit and the spirit of the Witchblade must become one. It is that which links us - you, and I and the others. It is the hinge of our shadows." Elizabeth Bronte tells Sara, "I am not from your past, nor are you from my future. Both of our lifetimes exist right now." She also reveals the origin of the Witchblade: "It is a branch ripped from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil."

1-8 Thanatopsis
In the dossier taken off the arms dealer, Sara finds her name on the list of Nottingham's supposed lovers! It is noted that Nottingham might be Irons' son. Nottingham appeals to Sara, telling her that they are "flesh and blood," and the Witchblade vision provides imagery that suggests his claim might be true.

2-3 Consecration
"The less emotional attachments you have, the less vulnerable you will be. Isolation is safety. Virginity is invulnerability."
- Irons to Nottingham

2-4 Static
"You can embrace your destiny, but you can't control it. Control is an illusion. The Witchblade is your destiny. Embrace it."
- Nottingham to Sara

WITCHBLADE REVELATION: "You can embrace your destiny, but you can't control it. Control is an illusion. The Witchblade is your destiny. Embrace it." - Nottingham to Sara

2-6 Nailed
"I have control of nothing and as such may enjoy the chaotic whimsy of fate and I think of you. It is an endless torrent of lust and hate. For you orphaned me."
-Nottingham to Sara