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2-1 Emergance

Air Date(s): Sunday, June 16th @ 8pm(ET)
[10pm (ET)]|[Monday, July 29th @ 9pm(ET) ] | [Monday, July 29th @ 11pm(ET)] | [Sunday, August 25th @ 12pm(ET)]

In the Season 2 premiere (2-part with "Destiny"), Sara Pezzini and her partner Danny Woo are once again in pursuit of the allusive mobster Tommy Gallo. As before, Tommy's henchman lures Sara into the museum where she encounters the Witchblade and it claims her as its chosen wielder. This time, however, things are different. Though it's a case of deja vu as she retraces her steps to the Rialto Theater (where Danny was killed last season), an older and wiser Sara declines the opportunity to confront Gallo inside. Although the past may be altered, Kenneth Irons has plans for the future and he determines to take the Witchblade from Sara even if it means having her killed. A much conflicted Ian Nottingham finds his loyalties split between guarding the chosen Witchblade wielder and carrying out the wishes of his master/father, Irons. Using an online murder/hit as bait, Irons lures Sara into his clutches while promising an ambitious and cold-blooded woman named Cristina that she will wear the Witchblade if she takes out Sara. To do so, Cristina must first get rid of Danny so she buries him alive, leaving him to die a horrible, slow death. In a Witchblade frenzy, Sara kills Cristina before she can make her tell what she did with Danny. As her partner runs out of air in an unmarked grave, Sara desperately searches for him before it's too late.

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2-2 Destiny

Air Date(s)Monday, June 17th @ 9pm(ET)
[Tuesday, June 18th @ 11pm(ET)]|[Monday, July 29th @ 9pm(ET)] | [Monday, July 29th @ 11pm(ET) ] | [Sunday, August 25th @ 12pm(ET)]

Using the powers of the Witchblade, Sara finds Danny's grave just in time and pulls him from the abyss. And although Cristina is out of the picture, Irons is still determined to have the Witchblade at any cost. Sara, Danny and rookie Jake begin investigating a bizarre homicide case in which a customs agent is impaled by a strange, ancient weapon. Sara is stalked by Iron's henchman, Nottingham, and she confronts Irons about the murder. Later Irons uses the weapon - known as the Longinus Lance -- to cruelly murder associates he believes have double-crossed him. Meanwhile, suspecting that Irons' is indeed the culprit, Sara pays a visit to Gabriel Bowman of Talismaniac.com in order to research the strange murder weapon. Bowman, who deals in exotic artifacts and objects of power, fills Sara in on the history of the lance, which supposedly was used to ascertain Christ's death and is therefore extremely powerful - and deadly. He tells Sara that Irons' buyer had contacted him about attaining this weapon and that it had recently been stolen from a museum. Gabriel warns Sara that Irons will use the lance against her in order to attain the Witchblade. Ultimately, Sara accepts her destiny as a Witchblade Wielder and confronts Irons. In a battle to the death, she manages to best him and he throws himself on her sword, calling it a "sacrifice" and leaving Sara with blood on her hands. Nottingham witnesses his father's demise and vows to avenge his death.

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2-3 Agape

Air Date(s): Monday, June 24th @ 9pm(ET)
[Tuesday, June 25th @ 11pm(ET)] | [Sunday, August 25th @ 2pm(ET)]

While investigating a series of bizarre, drug-related murders, Sara, Jake and Danny run into Dean Gorner, a narcotics detective with a major chip on his shoulder since the murder of his former partner has yet to be solved. Gorner persuades Sara to "loan" him Jake to help him with a drug stakeout. Reluctantly Sara agrees to let the rookie work with Gorner. Meanwhile, Sara is receiving strange Witchblade visions about the cause of the deaths. A trail of hallucinagenic blue pills called "Bob" leads Sara back to Gorner's partner's unsolved murder. As she and Danny struggle to put the pieces together, Gorner leads Jake down a dangerous path, ultimately framing him in a drug deal gone wrong and making off with the cash and drugs. But ultimately, the mobsters -- who want their drugs and money back -- capture Jake and Gorner and pit them against each other. Primed with the designer drug and alcohol, Jake and Gorner are made to play a deadly game. Meanwhile, Sara and Danny discover that Gorner is a dirty cop and Sara uses her Witchblade visions to track him down before Jake, in his "Bob"-altered state, kills him.

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2-4 Consectatio

Air Date(s): Monday, June 24th @ 9pm(ET)
[Tuesday, July 25th @ 11pm(ET)] | [Sunday, August 25th @ 3pm(ET)]

While investigating a robbery/murder, Sara, Jake and Danny discover clues that lead them to suspect members of an elite Special Forces unit called the Black Dragons. Underwritten by Kenneth Irons' Vorschlag Industries, the Dragons were an experimental military unit subjected to psychological training and genetic engineering. The plot thickens when the detectives discover that Ian Nottingham is a member of this clandestine group of killers. Meanwhile after communing with his dearly departed father, Kenneth Irons, Nottingham gets in touch with his old Black Dragon pals and puts a hit out on Sara to rid him of his "weakness" for her. But as the Black Dragons (lead by the ultra-intelligent Mobius from Season 1, "Parallax") close in on Sara, Nottingham has second thoughts and determines to save her even if it means a fight to the death with Mobius. Sara realizes what Nottingham has planned and she and the Witchblade intervene and help defeat the Dragons, leaving her even more connected to Nottingham than ever before.

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2-5 Static

Air Date(s): Monday, July 1st @ 9pm(ET)
[Tuesday, July 2nd @ 11pm(ET)] | [Sunday, August 25th @ 4pm(ET)]

As Sara resigns herself to use the powers of the Witchblade for good, she is called to the scene of another strange homicide. A rock star has been pushed from a window by an unknown fanatic. As the mysterious deaths continue, Sara seeks the help of a psychologist, Anna Granger, who treated one of the victims. Meanwhile, Nottingham continues to haunt Sara, although his visits are less menacing and have become even useful in helping Sara understand the powers of the Witchblade. He warns Sara that there are dark forces that would try to take the Witchblade from her. Likewise, Sara continues to seek the counsel of Gabriel Bowman who tells her that he has received emails from someone named "CyberFaust" who claims to know about the Witchblade. Back on the case, Sara and Jake are led back to Anna Granger's home, where they find she has been living a duplicitous life - therapist by day, serial killer by night. After the psychotic Anna attacks Sara, it is discovered that she (or rather, her alter-ego) has been hearing voices via television static that have instructed her to bring the Witchblade to them. Sara subdues Anna and takes her into custody, but the origin of the voices remains a mystery.

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2-6 Nailed

Air Date(s): Monday, July 8th @ 9pm(ET)
[Tuesday, July 9th @ 11pm(ET)] | [Sunday, August 25th @ 5pm(ET)]

When a psychotic serial killer with a penchant for young girls (and a fetish for their fingernails!) is released from jail, Sara and Danny are placed on surveillance to ensure he won't kill again. Danny has a special vendetta against the killer since one of the victims was killed after Danny entered the suspect's apartment without a warrant (A glitch that allowed the killer to get off with a lighter sentence). Now Danny is determined to lock him away for good. But when his rebellious niece, Mija, becomes the psycho's target, Danny, Jake and Sara must race against time to find her before she becomes his next victim. In desperation, Sara seeks the help of Ian Nottingham to help her understand the Witchblade visions and save Mija.

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2-7 Lagrimas

Air Date(s): Monday, July 15th @ 9pm(ET)
[Monday, July 15th @ 11pm(ET)] | [Sunday, August 25th @ 6pm(ET)]

Sara experiences love at first sight when she meets the man of her dreams. But her perfect love turns into a perfect nightmare as a jealous Ian Nottingham reveals her lover's true nature. Sara is faced with the impossible dilemma: can she kill the man she loves?

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2-8 Hierophant

Air Date(s):Monday, July 22nd @ 9pm(ET)
[Monday, July 22nd @ 11pm(ET)] | [Sunday, August 25th @ 7pm(ET)]

A killer known only as "V" tries to take over New York's organized crime syndicates, leaving a swath of mayhem in his wake. But when the evidence gathered at the crime scenes turn up the fingerprints of Sara's long-dead father, she must trust the Witchblade's powers to overcome her feelings and wage battle with the greatest evil she has ever faced.

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