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1-1 Paralax

Sara clashes with her new boss, Capt. Bruno Dante, when she is placed under investigation after her showdown with Tommy Gallo's mobsters at the Rialto Theater (Pilot). Thanks to Joe Siri, she's reinstated, but Capt. Dante remains suspicious. Sara and Jake track Hector Mobius (a.k.a. Moby), a genetically engineered soldier who's after Kenneth Irons for his role in eliminating the rest of his unit known as the Black Dragons. During their investigation, Sara learns that Moby is one of two remaining "Black Dragons" - the other being none other than Ian Nottingham, Kenneth Irons' right hand man. While Moby secretly feeds Jake information on the experimental warfare program funded by Kenneth Irons and Vorschlag Industries, Sara questions Irons about Nottingham and Moby's vendetta, but comes up empty. Desperate for answers, Sara seeks help from the Witchblade. The visions lead her to Irons' lair, where Moby has cornered Irons and Nottingham. In the end, Sara is able to save her nemesis and his bodyguard from Moby's wrath, but she secretly wonders, "Did I slay the wrong dragon?"

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1-2 Conundrum

The macabre murder of a top model leads Sara and Jake to fashion maven, Dominique Boucher, where Sara discovers a startling connection between the Witchblade and another of Dominique's top models, Sharon Bronte. While interviewing Bronte about the murder, Sara is shown a picture of Bronte's late grandmother, a former WWII spy with a checkered past -- and Sara's mirror image. Before Sara can connect the dots, Sharon Bronte is abducted by Dominique Boucher's henchman, and Sara must act quickly to save her. While Jake remains on the one-handed henchman's trail, Sara and Dominique duke it out for the Witchblade. Sara hands over the Witchblade once Dominique admits to setting a trap with murder to lure Sara and the Witchblade back into herpossession, the Blade has a mind of its own. True to blood heirs and cruel to pretenders, the Witchblade once again scorns Dominique Boucher. Sara and Jake save Sharon Bronte from Boucher's planned fate, but after being rescued, Sharon vanishes, leaving Sara with questions about her grandmother, the mysterious Elizabeth Bronte.

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1-3 Diplopia

Sara and Jake investigate the bizarre murder of a Manhattan art collector, but the case leads to a dead end when the eye witness identifies Isaac Sullivan, an artist with an air tight alibi. Sara seeks information from artifacts dealer Gabriel Bowman, and the now incarcerated Dominique Boucher (Ep 2 "Conundrum") for information about the Witchblade, but the rapidly aging Boucher is reluctant to help her. The Witchblade blinking eye deciphers Dominique's clues, but Sara and Jake are barely prepared for the showdown when they uncover the truth about Isaac Sullivan. The product of a cloning experiment funded by Kenneth Irons and Vorschlag Industries, Isaac turns out to be one of three murdering clones who get stronger when one of them is eliminated.

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1-4 Sacrifice

While investigating a ritual killing, Sara falls in love with her chief suspect, Conchobar, an Irish folk singer who turns out to be her long-lost soul mate. Relieved that Conchobar isn't her killer, Sara asks for his help in solving the case, but Conchobar won't give Sara any clues to his unfinished song - an Irish folk tale that seems to be prophesizing the killings. As the ritual killings continue to parallel Conchobar's music, Sara works against time, finally unraveling the case in time to save the killer's final victim, but not the killer himself. At the crime scene, Sara finds a mysterious gold shell casing etched with a bull.

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1-5 Legion

When a beloved parish priest (Father Bellamy) is murdered, a parishioner with a history of mental illness is charged with the crime but the investigation leads Sara and Jake into a web of deceit that reveals a connection between the Vatican and WWII. Meanwhile, Sara's affair with Conchobar heats up and Jake becomes frustrated by Sara's indifference to his police training.

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1-6 Maelstrom

Conchobar is abducted by Irish militants who plan to trade him for his IRA terrorist brother. Irons commissions genetic research to develop wetware for human implantation to enable soldiers to replicate the electromagnetic signals used by insects for warfare. Sara hands over the Witchblade to the Irish extremist, Fiona, who kills Conchabar with it. Irons instructs Nottingham to retrieve the Witchblade from Fiona, but he ends up helping Sara and returning the Blade to her wrist. Meanwhile, Captain Dante talks to Jake about his frustrations with Sara.

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1-7 Periculum

Sara enters the ultimate Witchblade trial, "the Periculum," in which she must "die to be reborn," unified with the Witchblade. Meanwhile, Jake covers for Sara, but Captain Dante woos him to join a clandestine vigilante force called the White Bulls. Sara survives the trial after visitations from past Witchblade wielders, including Joan of Arc; Cathain, the Celtic goddess/warrior; and Elizabeth Bronte. When Sara completes the trial, she finds that the Witchblade has grown into her wrist -- it has become part of her very DNA. Jake sees the White Bull etched bullet among Sara's father's mementos.

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1-8 Thanatopsis

Jake and Sara tail an arms dealer, Armand Parsegian, but their surveillance is cut short when Parsegian is killed by a sniper. Sara discovers a dossier on Irons among the victim's papers and finds out some interesting details about Irons and Nottingham. Sara quickly begins to suspect Nottingham to be the shooter, but when she brings him into the station for questioning, Nottingham and Jake clash. Later, Jake gives in to his frustration with Sara and agrees to join Dante and the White Bulls, only to be confronted by Nottingham to answer for his actions. Just before Nottingham can kill Jake, Sara intervenes, intent on stopping Nottingham once and for all. The two begin a duel to the death, but Nottingham keeps the Witchblade at bay when he reveals that he and Sara are "flesh and blood".

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1-9 Apprehension

While investigating the murder of a street pimp, Sara discovers the truth behind her father's murder -- he was killed by order of White Bull's leader, Captain Bruno Dante. After confronting Dante, Sara's mentor and former boss, Joe Siri, is also murdered, and Sara finds herself on the run for her life. She reluctantly places her trust in Jake, who, unbeknownst to Sara, has joined the White Bulls. As the net tightens around Sara, a more powerful force joins in the hunt and it is revealed that Dante is working for none other than Kenneth Irons!

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1-10 Convergence

On the lamb from the NYPD, Sara agrees to help Jake solve a heinous murder in return for his help in bringing down the White Bulls. But led by the Witchblade, Sara discovers that Jake has betrayed her trust and joined the corrupt group of cops. Forced to admit the truth behind his involvement with Dante, Jake convinces Sara that he and the FBI can help her bring Dante to his knees. Meanwhile, the White Bulls nab Gabriel Bowman when his own investigation hits too close to home, and Kenneth Irons undergoes a shocking physical transformation as his diabolic plot to acquire Sara's Witchblade enriched blood unfolds.

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1-11 Transcendence

Nottingham sacrifices his life to save Sara from Dante and the White Bulls, but thanks to Irons’ genetic ingenuity, we haven't seen the last of the deadly Black Dragon. Sara and Jake set up an FBI sting to gather concrete evidence against Bruno Dante and the White Bulls, but when Dante is shot in the take down, Sara discovers that Kenneth Irons may be behind the Bulls' mayhem and murder. Unbeknownst to Sara, confronting Irons plays right into his desperate attempt to use her Witchblade blood to sustain his life. Meanwhile, the new and improved Nottingham -- a rogue assassin without the honor of the previous model -- is systematically exterminating everyone close to Sara In her darkest hour, Sara must tap into the Witchblade's powers to impose her will upon the Universe and literally turn back time.

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