Are you lost as a new Watcher?

Not any more with his helpful guide on becoming familiar with the terms you to can look like an experianced Watcher. The guide now includes vampire terminology for those watching a Slayer.


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the act of drinking another vampire dry.

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The Arcanum

world wide organization of scholars and practitioners who study the supernatural and unexplained phenomena. Both branches of the Watchers and

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a vampire who refuses to be part of vampire society; an outcast

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Blood Bond

mysterious link that forms between a vampire and one who is sired by him/her

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The Buzz

This is how the Immortals sense another person of their kind approaching. Each Immortal expierances the buzz diffrently,(ie. one might feel the pins and needles feeling in the brain, another might sneeze)

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Death of a Immortal

Immortals die when they are beheaded by Immortals, mortals or accidentally (in a plane crash, for instance). When Immortals are wounded, the wound heals immediately, unless it be a severe one, which takes a little more time to heal; and they feel pain. However, if the wound is in the neck or head, it heals like in mortals and the Immortal gets a scar. After they "die", it takes several minutes to them to return back to life.

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The Gathering/The Prize

There will be a time when all Immortals left will feel drawn to an unknown land, for The Gathering. Then, the final combat will take place; the Immortal who survives will get The Prize: the power of all Immortals who ever lived.

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The Game

Immortals live according to their own rules: in the end, there can be only one(phrase made popular by Connor MacLoed). There are good and evil Immortals. They always carry a sword to be ready to fight and they cannot fight in Holy Ground (churches, cemeteries, monasteries etc). Nobody can interfere with a fight after it begins. It is considered cheating to shoot or stab to death the opponent before beheading him/her. This is viewed by older Immortals as survival of the fitest, but only when they feel outmatched.

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impending armageddon when the ancients will awaken and devour all vampires

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a vampire who serves as judge, jury and executioner of vampires who have broken the traditions

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These are the Immortals in the Game that have set thier goal to win the Prize. The often go after good Immortal with a high head count. Some target new Immortals and others target Pre-Immortals. The are usually looked down on by most Immortals as vicious and cruel.

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Immortals live a normal life until their first death, which is always thought of as a violent one tradtionally, but there are some who get sick. Their origins are unknown; they are always foundling children or adopted and they cannot have children.
They don't know they were born Immortals until their first death; veteran Immortals are able to recognize a pre-Immortal often by a faint buzz.

After the first death, they stop aging (ie.if an Immortal is 18 years old at the time of his/her first death, he/she will be a teen forever.) The immortality happens after a person hits puberty hence there are no Immortal children. (except 10-year-old Immortal Kenny [epi The Lamb])
K'Immies are often referred to by some Watchers. K'Immies are Killer Immortals, or the headhunters.

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a very old and powerful vampire within vampire society

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The Quickening

This begins as ritual combat when an Immortal beheads another, he/she gets his/her energy in a process called Quickening. The older they are, the more energy they release when they are beheaded (it is implied that the more an Immortal lives, the wiser and more powerful he/she gets). When good Immortals kill the evil ones, they get their energy, but not their wickedness. However, there is the Dark Quickening, when all wickedness is transferred, causing a lot of trouble for those who receive it (it happened once to Duncan MacLeod).

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only when a vampire decides to embrace/make another vampire from his/her bloodline

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The one girl in all the world, the Choosen One, born with the strenght and skill to hunt the forces of darkness.

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The Watchers

A secret society of men and women who observe and record Immortals' lives, but never interfere. It was created by Ammaletu the Akkadian after he saw Gilgamesh coming back to life, 4,000 years ago. Immortals know nothing about the Watchers, except for just a few of them. They can be identified by a tattoo on the wrist.
Then there are the other type of watchers...the ones that look over the Slayer. These Watches guide her in her training and slaying. They will be the ones that educate her and make sure that when the next slayer is called that thier Slayer is prepared.

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