Something Wicked Series

Foreword and Forewarned

Prophecies have a way of being forgotten, especially if they donít happen with in say ten years or so. They get filed in the "things that will never happen" or as I once heard it referred to " crazy ramblings of holy guys." Not sure why the middle men between supreme beings and common folk get the visions, but it happens to come with a headache that no Excedrin can cure. So Iím told.

Okay, what dose a twenty two year old know about prophecies and the forecasted evil that comes with? Not much, at least I didnít until four months ago when my strange trip though the looking glass began with research. As a friend of mine recently said, "Research is not a good thing, it leads to big ugly things that donít have my vote for Mr. Personality."

See I live in a world that most have no clue about, and frankly if every one knew then hell would break loose. So not actual hell wouldnít break loose, in some cases, but you get my point. Trust me everyone thinks that their weirdness canít compare to anyone elseís. Got news for you, when you compare yours to someone elseís you feel way normal. How weird is it? Find out for yourself, continue on with your reading and you'll see normal is never normal.

::discovering somaris::

Okay First off this Series is set in various shows and I'm making the uni(verse) so I'll do what the hell I feel like doing with whomever. Promise that you'll get them back in one peice. Since I am making the uni, I'm going to take a few liberties, here they are in random order:

  • Richie did not die in the Highlander epi titled "Archangel".
  • I love Stan Kirch(plays Richie in the Highlander series), but he's kind of old to be playing a 19 year old I'm placing Justin Timberlake as Richie...Popwytch's suggestion, blame her. Strangely he fits take a look at Justin's new look and the near the end of Season 5 Highlander at Richie's look, its kinda erie.
  • I'm pulling the character Iolaus from Hercules the Legendary Journies and Young Hercules into this as an Immortal he will be the Young Iolaus(plaied by Dean O'Gorman).
  • The Witchblade has not set time back yet.The look of the charcters for Witchblade is very much Season two and frankly its a good thing.
  • I've debated some issues that happend in the Buffy uni, I don't care for the whole Initive thing, it was drug out far too long. Spike did indeed have a chip implated in his brain. Buffy and Riley never happened, Oz will not be leaving Sunnydale after he reappears (epi titled "New Moon Rising") Season Five and Six proceed as normal.Season Seven has not occured hasn't even dawned yet.
  • many things I could live with out here. Doyle is still alive, Connor has occured yet and by the way who's decsiosn was it to take Cordy and make her evil? Lorne is still a part of the hole thing.

I think that's it if there's anything that I might have missed I'll add it as I go along. Its not all up yet. Bare with me as I get it back up.