Part 5: Hiding

Making thier way to a main street, they found the under ground and wnet through. Eall dropping the tickets into the slot. Both climbing on the train. Sitting down, they wiated for the train to take off. It wasn't long before the train began with a smoot jolt and sped on down the tracks. It was a couple of stops before Methos stood up and moved toward the doors. It was then a two block walk to the bookstore, Methos fished out his keys and unlocked the door. Methos quickly locked the door behind Eall and made his way down to the basement.

Eall's violet eyes were surveying the surroundings. Filing cabinets, work benches, and wooden crates loaded with books. She could faintly pick up on the sound of the river. Two stools were in front on one of the work benches in the corner. One was a beat up wooden stool, it had been painted sevral times. The other a black metal padded stool that swiveled. It reminded her of the office in the X-Files.

"We should be okay down here," he said, fliping on the desk lamps.

"You know if you had some consperiacy posters on the walls this would be a resaonable reproduction of Mulder and Scully's office."

"Funny." he said with a grin.

They stayed hte entire night and the following day, venturing upstairs only for food, which was delivered to them. Eall was pacing back and forth, taking a breakfrom typing, she felt the buzz. The footsetps on the stairs. She reached for her broadsword. She grasped the hilt. She closed her amythest eyes, listening to each step. Those eyes shot open when the intruder hit the fourth step. It groaned in protest.

Richie had shown Methos the list of books that Mac had sent him for. The Old Man had helped him find two of the books. The third book was hiding form the two men. They both split up, Richie deciding to check the basement. He thought he saw a small light on in the corner. It was off. Now the buzz hit him hard. Just like it had when Kathrine and Methos had shown up. Looking up at the last moment, he saw a figure launch at him, blade ready. Reaching into the space in his coat and, he whipped out his foil. The young Immortal soon found the opposing blade biting into his neck.

"You don't give a guy much time, do you?" he asked.

"No." the female growl responded. "I- Richie?" it asked.

"Eall?" Richie asked recognising her voice.

Reaching over to flip the light switch on, he found the ancient Immortal at his throat. Swallowing, he tried to manage a grin. Eallerica backed off immediatly, apologizing to Richie.

"Jesus!" he said rubbing his neck. "I'm glad you recognised my voice."

I'm sorry. With all the trouble I've had lately it doesn't hurt to be careful," She sighed, sitting on the steps.

"What trouble?" He asked, tring to rembember if Mac had mentioned anything. "Another Immortal?" his brow raised a notch.

"No." she shook her head. "After we left the barge," she sighed. "A Watcher folowed us for three hours to steal a chronicle."

"Which Chronicle?" Richie asked, taking a seat next to her.

"Didn't matter to him. He just wanted one."

"Why? I mean they're still untranslated, right?" he asked with some fear.

"Yeah. He'd have to find someone to trasnlate the Chronicles," she nodded. "He wants to prove a connection between Methos and myself."

"Why?" Richie asked. "What's this guy gonna get out of it?"

"Premotion." She smiled "Any new info this major can get you and the Head of the department a step up the ladder."

"What's he got?" Richie smiled. "Nothing without the Chronicles."

"He has some real info," She sighed "Methos and I were married for about three months. It was a long time ago," she shook her head "It wouldn't be so bad if I knew this guy was gonna give up. He won't, though."

"Does Mac or Joe know about this?" he asked.

"No. I'd like to get a good handel on this situation and then I'll tell them."

Richie and Eall talked some more about the recent event. He was about to get up and begin searching for the book when Methos arrived at the top of the steps looking for them. He explained to Richie that he had found the third book in the back of the shop, but it was a little damaged but he would repair it and bring it over. Eall walked Richie to the basement door and told him to watch out for other Watchers lurking around. Other than his own and Joe of course. Richie nodded, took the two books and left. Eall trudged back down the steps as Methos shouted where he would be.

He looked normal in every way. Except in the nature of his visit ot the bookstore, he had plans. Jay Renard was going to get that Chronicle from Pierson. He couldn't find Connelly anywhere. His only other option was Pierson.

"I'll be with you in a minute." Pierson annouced from the back.

"But my business is so pressing." Jay said with a grin.

Methos knew before he turned the voice was that of the man that tried to steal the Chronicle. He could feel it in his bones. He slowly turned around to find the gun on him. The man motioned for him to hold his hands up in the air. Pierson held up his hands reluctantly.

"The Chronicle. Now. I know you have it here."

"I told you I don't have it!" Methos hoped that Eall heard the shout.

Shealti had been checking her e-mail when the shout caught her attention. Grabbing her broadsword from its place against the stairs. She carefully made her way up the stairs, minding that whining fourth step. Peeking around the corner, she found the man with his back to her. She turned head back, listening to the exchange, waiting for the right moment. She placed the cool metal balde against her forehead.

"They only let me work on it at headquarters." Methos explained.

"Pierson, my patience is wearing thin. Get it or I'm gonna shoot you."

"That's not all you're gonna do," the female growl.

Jay turned to find the sun in his eyes. What he could tell about the woman before him was her hair was a dark color, her eyes violet, she was tall, and barefoot. She was holding a large, sharp sword at his neck with confidence. She was his type, or would have been if it wasn't for the fact that she might kill him. He grinned at her, hoping to charm his way out of the situation.

Shealti would like to have ended the annoying little prick right there. The two things stopping her were the fact that she needed more information from him, and that she wouldn't kill mortals. She could inflict enough damage that he could tell them everything and walk away.

Methos wasn't sure what she would do next. Her violet eyes never left the man's gaze. He knew she wouldn't kill the bugger, even if she wanted to. He had seen her do such things quite a long time ago.

"Name," she demanded.

"Jay." He grinned.

"Don't be a wise ass," She sneered, "I want a full name."

Swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat, he spoke: "Jay Renard." He looked down at the sword.

"Good," she said as her sneer became a half-grin. "Who sent you?"

"No one," he said, lying.

"Yeah, right," She pressed the blade a little harder. "We'll try this again. Who sent you?"

"I don't know. Some guy on the phone called me."

"How is it I just don't believe it? Try again."

"Horton," he said.

"Could you be more specific?" Methos asked. "They're a pretty large family."

"James Horton," Jay ground out from clenched teeth.

Shealti noticed the gun was slowly coming up to chest level. Pressing the blade into his neck this time she drew blood.

"Try it," she said with a grin. "You won't be the first Watcher I've killed."

"You can't kill us," Jay blustered in outrage.

"Why not?" Shealti circled him, the blade tracing a thin red line on his neck.

"It's in the rules," he stated, less than confidently.

"Rules?" Methos hissed. "You're one to talk about rules. You can't even follow your own."

"I have a theroy about rules." Shealti leaned in. "They can be bent," she whispered menacingly.

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