Eallerica Chronicles

Part 4: Stalking Is Not a Pastime

Goodbyes were said as Methos and Eall stepped outside into the bitter cold air, drawing their coats aroudn them, a sheild against the daggers of cold wind. They were walking, the converation was flowing as the memories resurfaced. They had made it to one of the bridges over looking the river and Methos stopped, looking behind him. Eall stopped ahead of him.

"Someone's folowing us." he looked at her.

"No kidding. Why don't you let them know we know they're fllowing us? " She motioned for him to join her.

"How long have they been there?" He asked, looking over at her.

"Since we left the Bibliotech." She smiled. "My guess another Immortal or another Watcher."

"Why would another Watcher follow us?" he loked confused. "They couldn't know about the other thing."

"Adam, who knows why people do the things they do? I mean why did Caesar plot his political stragity such that his co-conspirators would stab him in the back?"

"You really want to know?" He replied with a know-it-all grin.

"No, personally I don't care for him or Napoleon." She smiled.

"Hey!" Came the shout from behind them."Both of you turn around, slowly."

"So much for his element of suprise," Methos said before turning to face the man.

There he was, about six feet tall, and dark hair. Methos Couldn't tell too much in the small amount of light available. His hazel eyes could pick up on the tell-tale trench coat, and the sneakers, the blue jeans, and the over sized college sweatshirt. Methos could tell that this young man was an avid runner by the condition of his tennis shoes. Fairly new style, but were all ready worn. He might be able to catch them.

"You,too, Connally," The man said gun pointed at the both of them.

"So that's what your going by now?" Methos asked.

"Oh and I suppose Adam wasn't your idea of a joke?" She glared at him.

"Shut up," growled the man. "Geez, you two are worse than Abbot and Costello."

"Thanks." came the reply from both of them.

"You know I spent some time tracking the both of you over the last year, and you two are very naughty Watchers."

"Did he just call us naughty?" Methos asked in disbelief.

"Hey, take it as an insult if you will, but I take it as a compliment." She laughed.

"You know, you two amaze me. Here I am. I have a gun on the two of you and you're trading witty remarks instead of being scared."

"You have any idea how many times a week I go throught this?" Eallerica asked.

"I don't care. What does concern me is the Chronicle."

"Wait, which one, "Methos started, "Methos's or Eallerica's?"

"Doesn't matter casue I know something you two don't." He grinned.

"You couldn't just tell us? I mean, you were following us for three hours, is holding us against our will really necessary?" Eall asked.

"Yeah, did you know that the Old Witch and Methos were married?"

"No." Methos mocked.

"They say you learn something new every day," Eall said with a grin.

"Ask me how long." the man said ignoring thier remarks.

Methos was sizing up the man. He couldn't be be beyond twenty-five at the most. Eallerica's blue-violet eyes were looking for a way to get past or escape. It was just a matter of getting the young man distracted. They exchanged looks as if they were transmitting information through their eyes.

"Why do I not care?" Eall said with a grin. "You think this is new?"

"You said you didn't know." He said grinning.

"No, I said I didn't know," Methos said looking at the young man.

"Besides those are rumors. The only two people who can confirm it are Eall and Methos."

"Call 'em." He motioned with the gun.

"You have Methos's phone number?" She smield. "Adam, you've been holding out on me."

"I don't have his number," Methos said, pleading with the young man. "Besides that would be a direct violation of protocol."

"Call him or I'm the last person you'll see alive."

"All right," Methos said, pulling out the cell phone. "35 r u n" he mumbled.

"When?" Eall coughed out.

"Now!" Methos said taking off.

Methos ran down several alleys--Eall falling into stride with him--making several turns and making a final turn into a dead end. Methos began looking for a way out. Eall had begun kicking at a nearby door. She got it open and pulled him inside, slamming the door closed as soon as the man got within ear shot.

"Now what?" he asked in a hoarse whisper.

"We wait him out, " she said, sitting on a near by cabinet.

"Come out, come out, where ever you are," came the muffled shout of the man.

Methos looked at Eall, who was dangling her feet, swinging them back and forth. In her hand was a gun. patting himself down he found his missing. Looking at her his hazel eyes asked her how. She smiled and mouthed, "Amanda", to which he nodded. Soon after that the footsteps trailed off. Both Immortals heaved a sigh of relief as Eall handed him back his gun.

"How did you get it?"

"How do you think? Our Beloved Lady of the Light fingers, and spending sometime around Fitz."

"He knows where we live, know both of us by record. My suggestion is we stay somewhere he doesn't know."

"The booksore?" Eall suggested.

"Possibility," he said, leading the way.

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