Welcome to Fan Fic Addicts

  Fan Fic Fairy  

So you want to become one of us, do you? You admit that you have a problem? You can't stop reading fan fiction, the muse never quited for the writers? Well then you are in the right place. Yes, yes you are. You see here, here we are all addicts, we are not treated. No, no, no, we revel in our addictions. The first step to immersement is to admit that you have a fan fiction problem.

Fan Fiction addicts are a group of people that share a common passion. We love Fan fiction, and its from all genres, SciFi, Horror, Drama, Soaps, Boy Bands. So we band together to share our love. We're not an unfriednly group, in fact we're pretty nice people, once you get past the fact that some of us hear voices and see people that aren't really there.

So what's involved in becomeing one of us, here at the facility? Nothing dangerous, just some very simple things. To join us you have to have some of the following criteria on your site:

Please make sure that your site has the minium of one of the following things:

  • Fan Fiction- doesn't have to be your own, could be someone else's work. you can be an archivist or a webmaster of a archive site.
  • Links- A section of your site deicated to Fan fiction sites or resources.
  • Edi-fic-ation- That you have a page or pages explaining all the ins an outs of fan fiction short hand (ie. Slash, h/c, ROG) so that newbies can get a grip.
  • Reviews- Your site provides reviews for Fan fiction.
  • Awards- You have an annual Fan fiction awards contest and host the winners of said contest on your site.

You meet our criteria? Then you can join us, to do so you have to visit Webring at this link http://A.webring.com/wrman?ring=ffaddicts&addsite

When you arrive there you will have to:

  • Fill out a Ring application. (if you are already a member of Webring then you will be asked to select a URL that you will place the code on)
  • Enter your site address. This is the absolute URL or the exact page where you have all your Rings, Affilaites, Banner Links/Exchanges & Buttons.
  • Title of your Site. Name of your site, pleas limit that to 50 chracters.
  • Describe your site. This is what will draw your visitors to your site, list some of your content, the shows, books, movies or band that your site features.
  • Confirm your Webring Id.
  • Review and Submit Info. This is where you want to double check your info, triple check it if you have to. Look for spelling errors, especially in your URL, name of your site and description.
  • Send your info. Submit your info to the Ring.
  • Get the Navigation Code. This is the code that Webring uses to form the Webring. It is a Java based code. Just copy and paste it into your page that you provided the address for when you Entered your site Address.
  • Ring Master checks your site. This is where yours truely comes in. Once you've done your part I have to check your site. Webrings provides me with the info I need. It will tell me if you have Passed this means that you have posted your code, provided the correct URL and that your code works. Be patient, it takes me a while sometimes to check the que or the place that holds all the new sites submitted.
  • E-mail Comfirmation You will recive a e-mail from me say that you have been accepted into the Ring.
  • Questions? Comments? If you have any Questions about something or comments that you think might improve our ring then let me know. I'm here to help you My Inbox is always open. If you feel that you are going to bother me you can seek help from the peoples at Webring by clicking on the Help link when yoiu long into webring.
  • If your site moves, you change the structure of your site, or your server does some maditory rearrange ment of your pages(better know as the Server went all screwy) you also need to fix all your Webring Info.I know that can be a pain when you have half a dozen rings that you belong to, but at the least let your Ring Master know, they might be willing to help you. Its a pain for us to have to suspend you from a Ring when you've moved or changed the pages around. Be knid to your Ring Master!

    Welcome to the Addicts, as a philospher once said:

    "Earth is the insane asylum for the universe."
    I belive it to be true, just remember that out of insanity comes a glimpse of genious. Thanks for joining the rest of us.