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8|17|03  Links are finally up go see!...Plans on getting some refrence pages in here for aspiring writers. Don't expect it too soon, end of the year at the earliest.... Willow's Wicca Ways layout is up(yeah!!!!). Isn't it perty :)...What's up with Spike's Wake you ask? Its really good, damn nifty if I say so...just not sure with its loading(grrr). It loads for a nanosecond and then page can not load error. So I'm gonna brake it down to its basics and start fresh see if maybe I gots too much crap going on. Who knows?...Good news for my Highlander fans....Season two is now available for perchase at your local electronics/entertainment store. Go by it! Chalk full of stuff like the 1st season box (watcher profiles, Bill's comentary, scrpits, ect.) in addition it has Adrian's comentary on some of the episodes, you can listen to him or watch him. I recomend that you watch him the facial expressions are worth it!....Buffy fans of course have been rejoicing over the Season 4 Box...its sweet! Same things that we've come to expect from the Joss...Angel fans good news Season 2 comes out this December!...Speaking of December...LoTR: Return of the King(RotK) releases the 17th! By that time you can watch The Two Towers DVD till your eyes bleed...expect the Directors cut sometime around the 17th. Free ticket to see RotK is expected...Mr. Jackson don't disappoint us now!....Metioning Orlando Bloom in a round about way, I recomend that if you haven't seen Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl please go to see it.I've seen it twice!...Jonny Depp despite the weirdness has something going on. Let me know if you all can figure it out!...Much laters!!!

7|27|03  Spoilers on the new looks go to Blog_This!New looks coming soon...try by the end of next old school frames.. try new fangled iframes...Along the lines of Fiction.. Something Wicked is all up. Really.I'm going to try and get up Eall Chronicles..soon...Hey the Chronicles get thier own specially designed browser... so look for that.It looks spiffy.. really. Laters!

3|29|03  Good news, I found a cheeper ISP, only problem is now I'm getting network errors. So I called thier Tech Support and now I can't log on at all. So hopefully Monday when I call them back we can get this fixed....if not someone will be sending me a new computer or paying for it to be fixed.
Until then I'll be updating the sites throught my school computer of sharing a room with 30 other people trying to type thier papers. lol, catch ya later.

3|19|03 Okay so I don't update as often as I should...sue me. I have some exciting news incase you haven't been to the DVD section at your local eletronics retailer(a.k.a. Wal-Mart for me). SOme of you already know about Buffy's 3rd season is out. Angel as well as Highalnder(shock its only $70) 1st season are avaliable to purchase.
Buffy's 3rd season is good, the extras are great, like the Angel DVD Set it has a few scrpits. There are comentaries by Joss and Marti Noxon. If you've got the 1st & 2nd Seasons splurge and get 3.Total of DVD disks:6
Highlander is great, most episodes include a small bit from Bill Panzer on what they were tring to do or something about the location. Along with the coveted bloopers and the Watcher files for each episode. Not to mention 1 DVD is all of the scripts for your computer. I found it well worth the $70.Total of DVD disks:9
Angel is not big with comentary extras, however its the 1st time that I've seen the aratecht plans on a DVD for Angel's office, apartemtn and Caritas. Angel has a few scrpits.If you miss Doyle and very geeky Wes its worth it!Total of DVD Disks:6.
Its up to you all.. I couldn't make the decision bewteen Angel and Highlander so I bought both! Buffy and Angel Fans might want to purchase the Highlander DVD as Anthony Stweart Head does make an apperance in the last epi in the set.Okay enought with the DVD. Check out the Evanescence Site. You've herad Bring Me To Life if you've seen Daredevil or have listend to a new rock station in the last few weeks. They rock and I dub them the offical co-band of the Ancient along with Godsmack. I'm out of here, later.

2|26|03 Welcome to the new year, now that we're 3 months into it. I'm likeing the new look, but it still needs more. We'll see how it goes with the layout.

12|26|02 Good news I've worked on the Something Wicked series and I'm near to finishing it up. Also working on a Lord of the Rings[LOTR] ficcy that is very Legolas centered. BTW here's the Highlander 5 news orginally posted on 9|24|02.
...We are excited to announce that the rumors are true. The story continues as the fifth motion picture is slated to begin filming early in 2003. We don’t want to reveal too much but we think that “The Source” is destined to be a truly exceptional Highlander film.

12|23|02 Its the day after, and I just now noticed that I forgot to upload some of my buttons. ::smack to the forehead:: Never fear, I did that to day, as well as uploading the newest version of the pages so that it matches.

On a sadder note, I think that I will be giving up my domain name, it's just too much to keep up and I give it to ppl and they say "Oh, I have the really long addy bookmarked." So I'll let it go, for now. I'm going to repost the Highlander 5 news again for all that missed it. I had a request for that to reappear.

Happy New Year to all and I'll see ya in '03!

12|22|02 Its the Winter Solstice, and a Happy Yule to my fellow Pagans, as well as a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and a belated Happy Hanukka to my yiddish ppls. I thought that I might find a small gift to give all my vistors. Then I thought that I really can't afford to be a great giver this year.[Yeah, tuition sucks, per normal VCC is sucking me dry finacially.] So if you will, please accept this humble, friut-cakeless, not homemade gift. A gift that you can acctually use, year round-damnit! I was looking around when I stumbled into it. A hellagood site that may intrest some of my chick vistors, being a chick myself and loving LOTR, Buffy, Highlander, this site appealed to me check it out yourself.

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