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City Of- 10-05-99

Written by: Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt

Directed by: Joss Whedon

Angel has arrived in Los Angeles and is settled into his broody lifestyle when a mystery man named Doyle arrives with a mission and a migrane. The half-demon Doyle is to be Angel's side-kick, guiding him with his prophetic visions. He sends Angel after Tina, a waitress in the thrall of Russell winters. Russell's a creepy businessman as well as a vampire, and when Cordelia is summoned to his home, Angel arrives just in time to save the day. Angel then track Russell to the shady law firm Wolfram & Hart, where he kicks him out a window into the daylight.
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Lonely Heart- 10-12-99

Written by: David Fury

Directed by: James A. Contner

Single Life can be rough, Especially if you're a burrowing demon constantly in search of a new host body. Angel and his crew are sent by a vision to track down the creature. While on the trail, Angel has his first encounter with Kate Lockley, and L.A. cop who also happens to be lookin' for love. Angel tracks the burrower to one of its victim's homes, but so does Kate. When Kate enters the apartment and finds Angel hovering over the dead body she assumes that Angel is the killer. In a final showdown at a bar, Angel and Kate team up to finally put the burrower out of commission.
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In the Dark- 10-19-99

Written by: Doug Petrie

Directed by: Bruce Seth Green

Spike is paying Angel a visit while searching for the Gem of Amarra, a ring that makes vamps invincible. Oz has brought the ring from Sunnydale to give to Angel for safekeeping. Angel hides the ring before being captured and tortured by Marcus, Spike's lackey. Cordy and Doyle find the ring and offer it to Spike in exchange for Angel's release, but the ring ends up with Marcus. They track Marcus to the beach and Angel braves the sunlight to stop the sinister vamp before he can use his new powers.
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I Fall to Pieces- 10-26-99

Story By: Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt

Written by: David Greenwalt

Directed by: Vern Gillum

A stalker is trailing Melissa Burns, and Angel is sent by Doyle to help her. It turns out that the creepiest thing about Dr. Ronald Meltzer isn't his ability to detach body parts at will and controls them. Angel enlists Kate to watch Melissa while Doyle joins her at work for extra protection. Meltzer's experiments in psychic surgery have given him his powers, which he uses to keep close tabs on Melissa. Meltzer tack Melissa to Angel's apartment, where Angel is able to eliminate Meltzer by making sure he can't glue his parts back together.
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Rm w/a Vu- 10-26-99

Story By: David Greenwalt & Jane Espenson

Written by: Jane Espenson

Directed by: Scott Mc Ginnus

Tired of living in the "barrio," Cordy Bunks with Angel while she looks for a new place. When Doyle is tracked down by a nasty demon looking for money, Angel sees the perfect trade off: Doyle gets Cordy out of his hair, and he'll get rid of the demon. Cordy finds the perfect place, but soon discovers that it's haunted by a nasty poltergeist. Maude Pearson plays on Cordy's insecurities and tries to talk her into suicide, but Cordy won't be pushed around by anyone- the bitch is back. The ghost of Maude's Son Dennis, remains as Cordy's new roomie.
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Sense and Sensitivity- 11-09-99

Written by: Tim Minear

Directed by: James Contner

It's political correctness gone horribly wrong when a sensitivity training session at an L.A. police precinct turns the officers into a pack of emotional wrecks. The trainer has been dispatched by Wolfram & Hart to help free Little Tony Papazain, a mobster who has it out for Kate. She breaks down at a retirement party for her father before falling apart in Angel's office. Angel gets to the bottom of things, but not before he's infected with the emotional weakness himself. Doyle and Cordelia help Angel and Kate stop Papazian, and the two crime fighters share a weepy hug.
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The Bachelor Party- 11-16-99

Written by: Tracey Stern

Directed by: David Straton

Doyle's a man of many secrets-not only is he half demon, he has an ex-wife that he's conveniently neglected to mention to Cordelia, who is starting to fall for the bumbling drink. Harry the ex in question has reappeared to finalize their divorce so that she can marry Richard Straley, an Anomovic demon. Richard invites Doyle to his bachelor party, but not just for strippers and beer- as part of an Anomovic ritual, the family plans to watch as Richard devours Doyle's brain. Angel figures out what's up just in time to keep Doyle from becoming Richard's mental meal.
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I Will Remember You- 11-23-99

Written by: David Greenwalt & Jeannine Renshaw

Directed by: David Grossman

Buffy Summers has come to L.A. to scold Angel. Just as the conclude a terse chat, Angel is attacked by a Mohra demon. They track the demon to the sewers, where Angel is infected by its blood. This blood gives Angel his fondest wish: it returns him human. ANgel is then able to literally sweep Buffy off her feet, but after he's nearly killed while battling the Mohra, he asks the Oracles to reverse the process - Angel belongs to the world not just Buffy. They swallow the day as it starts anew, with only Angel remembering the true happiness he's sacrificed.

Hero- 11-30-99

Written by: Howard Gordon & Tim Minear

Directed by: Tucker Gates

Doyle and Cordelia appear to finally be hooking up, but he still hasn't told her that he's half demon, and he's afraid she'll be disgusted. One of Doyle's visions then sends Angel to rescue a tribe of Lister demons from the Scourge. Cordy finds out about Doyle's demon heritage-and ask him out-just as the Scourge arrives with a demon-killing device. Doyle valiantly gives his life to save the Listers, fighting the good fight until the end.
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Parting Gifts- 12-14-99

Written by: David Fury & Jeannine Renshaw

Directed by: James Contner

Doyle left Cordelia a "parting gift": his mind-numbing visions. While she attempts to decipher her first one, a demon named Barney shows up at the office, claiming he's being hunted. The hunter is none other than Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, former Watcher. Wesley and Angel believe that a Kungai demon is trailing Barney, but it turns out that the reverse is true-Barney has stolen the Kungai's horn and kidnaps Cordy as well. He's going to auction off her seer's eyes to the highest bidder. ANgel and Wesley arrive and free Cordelia, who puts Barney out of business for good.
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Somnambulist- 1-18-00

Written by: Tim Minear

Directed by: Winrich Kolbe

Angel's past returns to haunt his dreams in the form of Penn, a vampire he sired who's now running amok in Los Angeles. At first Angel's nightmares convince him that he's the one committing the crimes in his sleep, but Kate believes it's simply a garden-variety serial killer. When she sees Penn and Angel fight, however, Angel vamps out and Kate begins to learn about the dark world that surrounds her. By driving a wooden plank through Angel's gut and Penn's heart, she spares Angel's life but she'll never be able to view him in the same way again.
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Expecting- 1-25-00

Written by: Howard Gordon

Directed by: David Semel

One night Cordelia is out with and exciting new dating prospect, photographer Wilson Christopher. The next morning, she's eight months pregnant with a litter of demons. It seems Wilson was a host for a Haxil Beast, which impregnate human women through his male disciples. Angel tracks down Wilson while Wesley takes Cordy to a gynecologist for an ultrasound. When Cordelia suddenly begins acting very maternal and says she wants to give birth to her demon spawn, even though the process will likely kill her. Angel and Wesley are eventually able to free Cordelia's mind and body by blowing the Haxil Beast away.

She- 2-08-00

Written by: David Greenwalt & Marti Noxon

Directed by: David Greenwalt

A security guard stumbles upon an extra dimensional war. The Vigories of Oden Tal have arrived on earth to seek out women from their race who have escaped in search of freedom from the persecution women undergo in their world. Jhiera, a princess from Oden Tal, is in L.A. to help these women escape. Angel is drawn into the conflict and finds himself torn between Jhiera's cause and the questionable methods she uses to peruse it. The Angel Investigations team helps Jhiera in keeping the Vigories at bay while the girls escape, and Angel finds himself strangely attracted to the princess, in spite of his mixed feelings.
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I've Got You Under My Skin- 2-15-00

Written by: David Greenwalt & Jeannine Renshaw

Teleplay by: Jeannine Renshaw

Directed by: R.D. Price

A vision brings Angel to the home of the Andersons, where he believes a demon has taken up residence. The demon is actually residing in the body of young Ryan. Wesely and Angel search for a priest while Cordelia keeps and the boy in the protection of a binding circle. Unable to find a priest, Wesley returns determines to perform the exorcism himself, but fails. Angel then expels the demon who shatters the box meant to contain it and flees. Angel and Wesely find the demon, who begs for death after what he's suffered- the blackest evil was in the boy's soul not the demon.
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The Prodigal- 2-22-00

Written by: Tim Minear

Directed by: Bruce Seth Green

Flash backs tell us about Angel's troubled relationship with his father, back when he was known as Liam, before his transformation. In the present Kate's got problems with her own father, who is in league with a band of vampires the deal drugs to demons. She finds out his secret too late, and stumbles upon Angel hovering over his dead body-he wasn't invited in so, he had to watch the man be massacred. Kate and Angel both descend upon the dealers and make short work of the crew, but in spite of their work together, they both know that what's happened between them may never be forgotten-she can never trust Angel.
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The Ring- 2-29-00

Written by: Howard Gordon

Directed by: Nick Marck

The Gladiator battles of ancient Rome are recreated using demon by the brothers MacNamara, and Angel is captured by them and forced to fight. Wesley and Cordelia infiltrate the battles to free Angel and develop a key to open the mystical shackles that keep the demons captive. A Wolfram & Hart lawyer offers Angel freedom in exchange for silence, but he refuses, preferring to fight for the freedom of his fellow demons instead. Wes and Cordy soon arrive with the key and free the demons who immediately turn on their captors.
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Eternity- 4-4-00

Written by: Tracey Stern

Directed by: Regis Kimble

Rebecca Lowell believes she needs youth to continue her career on television, so she befriends Angel after he saves her life, and she discovers he's a vampire. She pumps Cordelia for information, hoping Angel will transform her into a vamp as well. She seduces Angel and slips him drugs to "loosen him up," which they do-he briefly becomes Angelus once again, his mind tricked into believing he's found true happiness by the drugs. Angelus is as fierce as he's ever been, but Wes and Cordy arrive to save Rebecca and knock Angel out until the drugs wear off.
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Five by Five- 4-25-00

Written by: Jim Kouf

Directed by: James Contner

Fresh from her body-switching hijinks with Buffy, Faith arrives in L.A. and is quickly hired by Wolfram & Hart to assassinate Angel. In flash backs, we watch Angel murders the gypsy girl whose family will curse him with a soul. Faith tries several times to kill Angel, ultimately kidnapping Wesely as bait and torturing her ex-Watcher to lure Angel into the game. Faith and Angel engage in a knock-down brawl, but Angel refuses to do what he knows Faith really wants-he refuses to kill her. Exhausted by her emotional turmoil, Faith fights on until she collapses in Angel's arms, weeping.
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Sanctuary- 5-2-00

Written by: Tim Minear & Joss Whedon

Directed by: Michael Lange

Angel has faith in Faith, which upsets nearly everyone he knows including Buffy, who believes Faith doesn't deserve redemption. With both the L.A.P.D. and the Watchers Council on her trail, Faith may not have much chance to find it anyway. Wesley pretends to rat her out to the Council's goons, but instead he's planning on helping her escape. The Council assassins arrive to kill Faith, but she flees Kate then arrests Angel for harboring a felon but frees him when they learn Faith has turned herself in. She's tired of running and ready to pay for her crimes.
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War Zone- 5-9-00

Written by: Garry Campbell

Directed by: David Straton

Angel's not the only one slaying vamps in L.A.-Charles Gunn and his team of street kids have formed a grassroots slaying team. Billionare David Nabbit has hired Angel to find a man who's blackmailing him, and Angel crosses Gunn's path while on the trail. Gunn is at first skeptical of the peaceful vamp, but when his sister Alonna is kidnapped by a coven of vamps and transformed before his eyes, he starts to understand that in the war on evil, there are no absolutes. Gunn traps Angel inside a meat locker before running to find his sister. When he finds her, Gunn is forced to kill his own sister before reluctantly accepting Angel's offer of friendship.
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Blind Date- 5-16-00

Written by: Jeannine Renshaw

Directed by: Tom Wright

Wolfram & Hart have contracted an assassin with superhuman senses to kill three young seers. Lindsey McDonald seems to be having a change of heart at the firm, however, and comes to Angel to enlist his help in stopping the killings. They team up to break into the Wolfram & Hart file room, where Angel nabs info about the killer as well as a mysterious scroll. Angel and Lindsey manage to save the children, but Lindsey's shift to the white hats may be short-lived. Wesley also works on translating the scroll and discovers that it contains prophecies about Angel's future.
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To Shanshu in L.A.- 5-23-00

Written & Directed by: David Greenwalt

The scroll of Aberjian has one stumper for Wesley: the word "shanshu," which could mean either "life" or "death". Meanwhile, Wolfram & Hart has summoned Vocah, a demon who slaughters the Oracles and leaving Cordelia and Wes incapacitated. Vocah's ultimate plan is to perform a "raising", but Angel tries to put the kibosh on it, battling Lindsey and cutting off his hand. Wesley later determines that Angel will receive humanity once his quest is over, but Wolfram & Hart have other plans. The raising worked, and they've resurrected Darla, who has a score to settle with Angleus.
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This page houses Season 2 Episode guide for Joss Whedon's Angel the Series. Each episode will be labeled by number, in order. Each will also include a original air date, who wrote the episode, who directed each episode and a brief description. This is just for entertainment purposes, and no money was made from this.