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The Background of our story (Lots to see, and more soon!!)
Summaries, Special Information, and Rules(Under construction)
Character Gallery (NOW with characters!)

This is the site for AmourMacabre, an Anita Blake based RPG transcript site, that can be a fun read in and of itself. it shall give updates, text from previous location, and summaries of the game and its characters. It is currently being added to, but there is already alot to see here.

Updated Yahoo on April 28th 2014, and updated EMAIL April 28th 2014. Also did blogs April 28th, 2014. Still working on the character profiles, which I have begun to post. (this is slow going, I seem to be a bit overtaxed, and tend to procrastinate like mad) Many are already up, with basic facts. Pictures will join them, as will more characters. As well, there will soon be a section for stuff we just played outside of the game..just because some of it is a fun alternative off the board thing we have nowhere else to put. Nice stand alone stuff, played out as rpg, but fun to read. TOO, and this a news bulletin, of sorts, we shall soon have new installments of the game to add, as my intrepid cofounder, and a wonderful fan are now assisting in the conversion and editing of the text to HTML. AS OF TODAY, THE Amour Macabre game is On Hold again, unfortunately. There are other games, however, that are very active!! If you wish to see more of Amour Macabre, EMAIL ME!!! For a very active game, click the link to GameAnitaworlds.

Although currently on hiatus in Macabre, there are thousands of posts to catch up on. We are always interested in good, solid players, who can write and interact well, whether for this, or for other venues!! I seriously urge whoever is fortunate enough to come across this site to consider joining if they are even REMOTELY interested in this genre! see far more intallments, with a narrowed down and improved set of player/writers, you might want to see below:

If interested in joining our game, please contact me immediately at While this game is on hiatus, there are others that will be actively running.

Currently Paused, Not Accepting New Members: Whisperwoods

If interested in checking out another site with which we are all associated, GameAnitaworlds, click the below link...Whisperwoods, although there is a link, for now has gone private. You need a yahoo membership to join. Currently, new memberships are on hiatus in Whisperwoods, though we are taking members in GameAnitaworlds, even if it is a bit slow there right now. You MUST respond to emails from the founder to be given access to the active site (s) listed, and must be over 18 to join and play...But it is WELL worth it!!!


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Currently not accepting members, as the purpose of the site has changed.AND another new Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter game!! These are sooo much fun, and this group is really cranking them out, with a good strong plot, and plenty of intrigue. Come, check us out, too, at GameAnitaWorlds, on yahoo!! CURRENTLY active! ALL kinds of parts open, and we are a very friendly community!


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Asher fan listings and more from one of my buds!

Way cool site for Asher and other LKH fans

Brom ROCKS!!

Another fabulous link to my bud's Brom Site!!

Check these out! And in future, I shall post more fabulous links!!

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