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* The Goddess and God are revered. This is central to Wiccan thought. * Human souls enjoy a series of incarnations. Reincarnation is one of the most wide-spread of Wiccan beliefs. Precisely how and why we incarnate several times is open to mystical speculation. * Power can be sent in non-physical form to affect the world in positive ways. Thus, we accept both the practice of magick and its effectiveness. * What is done will be returned to the doer. Precisely how this energy is returned has been a matter of great speculation. * The Earth is our home, our Goddess. It's not a tool that we can ruthlessly abuse. Ecological concerns are rather new in Wicca, but now pay an important role. Many rituals are performed to give healing strength to the Earth. * Wiccans aren't evangelical. We have no need to go out and spread the word. Answering questions about our religion is far different from knocking on doors and asking strangers, "Have you heard the word of the Goddess today?" (But wouldn't it be funny if we did? :) * Wicca accepts that every religion is correct to its adherents. This doesn't mean that we like every representative of every religion, but ecumenicism must be the way of life. * Wicca accepts members from both sexes, from every race, national origin and, usually, of every sexual preference. * Wicca is a religion, not a political organization. Groups of Wiccan can and sometimes do work toward a common case, and individual Wiccans may indeed become personally involved in the political system, but Wicca as a whole isn't a religion that preaches issues or supports specific political candidates. * Wicca Doesn't charge for private lessons or for initiation. Physical objects created by Wiccans (pentacles, knives, wands, incenses, oils, books) and services (such as public classes and Wiccan-based counseling) can and should be paid for, but not personal, private Wiccan instruction or initiation. * Wiccans Do not sacrifices animals or people in rituals! Wiccans do not cause harm to others. Unless in self defense. "Harm None" Wicca is a nature-based belief system. In other words, the natural world (i.e. trees, grass, rocks, mountains, etc.) is seen as a part of the Divine. Christianity, on the other hand, believes that these things were created by, but separate from, the Divine. Wiccans believe in a dual male/female divinity. The God and Goddess are seen as separate but equal deities, each with unique talents and virtues. Some traditions see all of the gods and goddesses of the world as 'faces' of the two true deities. Others worship a trine goddess and god, the nature of the deities changing with the seasons. Wiccans believe that the natural world, the creatures of the world (including humans) and the Divine are inseparable. Harm done to any of the aspects reflects on the others, causing pain and suffering needlessly in the spiritual and physical planes. As a result, many Wiccans are ardent environmentalists. Witchcraft is a religion far more relevant to the times than the vast majority of the established churches. It is the acceptance of personal and social responsibility. It is acknowledgement of a holistic universe and a means towards a raising of consciousness. Equal rights; feminism; ecology; attunement; brotherly/sisterly love; planetary care--these are all part and parcel of Wicca/Witchcraft, the old yet new religion
Witch's Odyssey - the journey of a lifetime
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