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About Pagansim

Paganism is the worship and revering of the dieties that exsisted before Christianity. It is a very ancient religion but it is finding it's way back into modern times. When some people think of the word "pagan" they think "heathen" or worse they think "satanist". "Heathen' applies to those who worship Northern Dieties and is in no way a deragoatory term.
There are many paths within the Pagan religion. Druids, Odinists, Shamanism and Witchcraft or Wicca are among the many and perhaps the most recognizable.

Pagan Beliefs: There are many beliefs in the Pagan religion but here are the core, according to Vivianne Crowley.
1- The Divine has made Itself manifest through many Dieties in different places and at different times. No one Deity can express the totality of the Divine. This can be called polytheism; The Gods are many.
2-The Divine is present in Nature and in each one of us. This can be called "pantheism"; The Divine is everywhere
3- Goddess and God: The Divine is represented as both female and male while understanding that it is beyond the limitations of gender.
4- More of an ethic than a belief: "If it harms none, do what you will"

Pagan Festivals:
Yule/Winter Solstice, December 20/21
Imbolc, February 2
Spring Equinox, March 20/21
Beltane, April 30, May 1
Midsummer, June 21/22
Lughasadh, August 2
Autumn Equinox, September 20/21
Samhain, October 31, Sept 1
The information on this page is brief, because there is so much more to really get into. If you wish to learn more about the various paths of paganism, the beliefs, rites or the festivals please refer to the links below. Also, take a look at my recommended reading list. I own most of the books on the list and I have found them to be highly useful in understanding the complex religion that is Paganism.
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