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The Punisher’s

Werewolf Page




General Werewolf Info
How-to Become a Werewolf New age and classical methods with commentary
How to Become a Werewolf Overview of many methods
Wolf Howl Sounds
Werewolf Page
The Horror of the Werewolf
Werewolf Handbook
Shadow's Den
Werewolf FAQ
Werewolf FAQ.txt
Werewolfweb email
Temple of Luna
Lycanthrope Org. - A search engine and community for weres, furries, and Otherkin. - Free wolfie email.

Werewolves - w/ filmography, overview, and bibliography
Lycanthropy...What is it?
Wolfman's Lair - Fun werewolf stuff. Owner’s manual, etc.
Halloween Sound Effects
Grey Coyote's Lair
Walpurgis Night

Werewolf Literature and Film

Werewolf Research

American Indian Legends

Werewolf Message Boards

The Moon

Furry Stuff


Some stuff by Me:


My Werewolf Costuming Page

My Werewolf Book List

My Werewolf Reading List

My Werewolf Film List


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