Hurt Me

Throw me down and beat me
Until I'm black and blue
Hit me, punch me, kick me
Until I cannot move
Tie me up and rape me
Completely run me through
Go ahead and make me beg
I'll even do that too
Cut me up and make me bleed
Laugh and walk away
Take out all your rage on me
Don't worry, it's ok
Because all I'll ever want
Is to be with you
And I know you need some time
To get this all worked through
I know you're mad at me
For all I've put you through
But can't you see now
I'd do anything for you
Yell at me, shriek at me
Really scream and shout
Call me anything you want
Keep going till it's out
Make me crawl at your feet
Make me beg at your knees
Kick me away and I'll crawl back
I'll do anything you please
Punish me for all I've done
I know I've been so bad
Break me over and over again
I know you are so mad
Take everything out on me
Till it's all run through
And then, I hope, together
We'll find a new "me and you".

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