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Welcome you have reached the home of the 16th SS - Panzer Grenadier Division

The 16th SS - Panzer Grenadier Division Reenactment Group of Australia does not allow, endorse, tolerate, nor condone any NAZI attitudes, actions or beliefs past or present. Our unit exists solely to provide an Elite Enemy Formation to Battle the Allied Forces in WWII battle Recreations.


The 16th SS-Panzer Grenadier Division (reenacted) is an Historical Reenactment group that examines WW2, and the role of the Waffen-SS division, and Wehrmacht units including the 29th Panzer Grenadier Div, The 4th FJ, the 352nd Infantry, 44th Infantry, 20th Luftwaffe Field division, and others played in the often overlooked Italian and Balkan Fronts.

The 16th RFSS Division was one of the 3 "personal" formations, of the Miltary forces of the 3rd Reich period, along with the 1st SS Panzer Divison "LIEBSTANDATE ADOLF HITLER", and Luftwaffe "HERMAN GORING" FJ-Panzer Division. From it's origin as a body guard unit, RFSS was expanded and served on the Russian Front, during the Barbarossa Campaign in 1941, and during Fall Blau in 1942. RFSS was posted to garrison Corsica during 1943, becoming a full SS Division, and was transferred to Italy early 1944. The 16th SS Panzer Grenadier Division rarely operated as a full strength unit, spending most of it's existence deployed as independent Battalions and Companies, in operations spread throughout Italy and The Balkans. During the War on the "forgotten Front", in the South West and South East, RFSS fought mostly defensive battles, from the Anzio-Nettuno Beach head, The Appenines, Pisa, Leghorn, The Livergnano Escarpment and Bologna, in Italy, to The Carpathian Mountains, and Lake Balaton in Hungary. RFSS was often employed in major anti-partisan operations, and served as mobile reserve and 'fire brigade' for Kesselring during the defensive battles for the Green/Gothic Line.

The group is closely associated with The 1st SS Panzer Division "LAH" (reenacted), and has members in Australian Reenactment and Living History Organizations, including "Army Group South" and "CHS Australia". Participation is not limited to Waffen-SS, or the 16th RFSS, and people are encouraged to undertake other Wehrmacht, Axis, Soviet or Allied impressions also.

Unit History
This is just a brief summery of the Unit's History, Please visit the Unit History Page for the most comprehensive coverage of the 16th Panzer Grenadier Div. ever offered on the net, all literary content including images remain the sole property & © of the Australian 16th RFSS Website, 27th January 2007.

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