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Emerald Cove 11-14th July 2003


Ettalong, Umina, Woy Woy, all these places were near but hardly had the name of Emerald Cover the place we stayed, check it out lots of pics, I know they are tiny on this page, but one "bash" of them with your mouse will HUGEN them, enjoy people. Hopefully can get some links to John and Cynthias' pics as well

Mouse over each pic for extremely witty comments by yours truly

Warren looking cool  Gini in the first morning  Crouching Tiger Hidden Catherine  Jezza, Johnny, Cazza and Anzzz in the kitchen  Gini, Anthony, Cathy and cynthia BBQ  Cynthia and Gini BBQ-ing  Warren and Gini keeping warm 


  View from our yard  Our House is a very very nice House  Scattered group BBQ-ing  Feast fit for 7 Queens and 3 Kings  Views  Jenny, cynthia and cathy recling  Gini and Cathrine\ munching away 


  Cathy with the Moon  Whats on the other side  'Waz'nt me  Full Moon  Nice evening views  How do we cross that river  SHHH we hunting golf balls 


  These are quite girly sunnies  When did this water come from?  Save me!!!!!!!!  Waiting for those damn beetles  I'm getting angry!!!!!  Dry in the boat.. not for long  River near our place 


  Keep peddling girls  The other team!  Gini and Jenny



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