HEEEEEEEEEEY!!!! This page is dedicated to the GREATEST concert.. WARPED TOUR (insert raucous cheering here.) It was July 20, 2000, at Suffolk Downs.. it was great!

The day started out early.. we met at the T at 10, and got there about 11ish. The lines were bastardly long.. but we found some of our friends in line already, so we hopped in with them *grin*. We got in around noonish.. but they were checking bags..my bag was really small, so I didn't have to wait in the big long line, but the bitch lady TOOK MY WATER. She was the only one who was taking peoples water. She was like "Don't worry, its not that expensive inside." NOT SO!!!!!!! It cost me $2.50 for a freaking pepsi!! My lunch didn't even cost that much!! (the food was horrificly expensive.. $3 for french fries, $4 for a slice of pizza or fried dough.. my chicken fingers only cost me $2.) so I drank caitlyns water *grin*..anywho..

bands I saw: Anti-Flag, Papa Roach, NOFX, Save Ferris, Green Day, MXPX, Flogging Molly, Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Injury count: I seem to be the worst off..I have a sunburn on my nose and a part of my neck.. I have at LEAST 20 mosquito bites.. and a concussion. *cringe* I was at green day, a couple feet from the pit, when it just got bigger..during one of the lulls in activity some JACKASS through SOMETHING that hit me right in the head..passed out for a few seconds, with the crowd supporting me..I must have been an odd sight.. standing there with my eyes closed, trying not to cry while clutching my head. Then I felt somebody lightly rubbing my head.. it was that nice (really short) girl who was next to me.. she asked me if I was okay, and I was like "I'm fine.. I think.. don' wanna get out." (although I did eventually) but *sniff* where ever you are, nice short girl with the stuff written all over your chest, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

"'Hey, We're NoFxPx!'
'I thought we were NoFx182!'
'Noo, that was yesterday!'"