I got so sick and tired of people asking me about the scar on my hand that I've decided to put the story up on my page so if anyone asks about it, I can be like "Just visit the page."
      When my sister was in kindergarten (her second year, I think) the bus would pick her up at the end of our street. If I wasn't going to the baby sitters, I'd go to work with my mom. So one day we hopped in the wagon and drove to the corner, where my mom was seeing my sister off to school. I was getting out of the car to follow my mom, when she went to slam the door shut (you had to slam it to get it to shut) and she didn't see my hand in the car clutching my dinosaur. So my hand (ar at least part of it) was still in the door when it shut...
      I think we headed to the hospital soon after that.. I don't remember much, I was really little at the time.. all I remember is standing at the corner going "Mommy, it hurts!" But I ended up getting 8 stitches on my right hand...what I DO remember is it was way back when, and they used pliers to take the stitches out *cringe*

For you more curious ones, I'll get a picture of it up if I can^_^;;