Through His Eyes

Words alone cannot describe the love
That he has unknowingly claimed
I cannot live without him
The way I cry for him every night
Puts my heart to shame

Love is sometimes untrue
Love is 99 percent unfair
Living my life through his eyes without his love
Is something I can no longer bare

He loved me once
He loved me forever true
I loved him forever still
Even though his love for me is through

He knows who he is
He knows how I care
He knows and denies
What we once were able to share

He held me in the cold
He held me when our love thrived
He held me in the night
Now I beg to see his love for me through his eyes

Perhaps I am a fool
For wanting something that cannot be
But if it happened once
And it happened twice
Why can it not be three?

He hurt me once
I couldn't see how he hurt me
I couldn't see within all the lies
All I ever wanted
Was to be loved through his eyes.