Don't ask me why I'm putting these up


Um I drew this in history of dance today (5/23). I kind of like creating the clothes/hair more than the act of drawing itself.


Um don't ask me where I was going with this (or what the hell my notes are about). I really hate drawing hands, this was the first time I'd done it in a long time.


My inspiration for this was seeing Josephine Baker naked. She's scerrrrred

I have no idea

My problem is that I can't sit behind a desk and the only way to keep myself from getting to antsy is to doodle..or as the case has turned out, drawwww

the first one

Thankfully CBats understands that just because I'm doodling doesn't mean I'm not paying attention


The first/only (so far) non history of dance drawing. French class today (5/30) possibly the lead into the picture from history of dance..