a.ka. "Huh?"

This page is for all you out there who are wondering around the page, or talk to me, and you're always thinking "Whazzat mean?" or "What the hell is with that face?" I decided I should get my act together for all you stoopid people and explain it to you!



^_^    This is your standard face. It's used in a number of cases..When I'm happy, I'll use it a lot in a conversation, or when I'm trying to radiate a mood of happiness when trying to cheer someone up. I mean, doesn't it just make you happy, looking at it? The other major instance when it it used is as a filler. When I really don't know what to say, and want to keep the conversation going, it'll just get thrown out on its own.. to sorta, well..take up space.

^_~    This works off of the above face..obviously, it's winking at you. Used when I'm making fun of someone to sort of let them know that I'm kidding..also used when I'm making a lewd comment *grin*. There are some other uses, but its all fairly simple to understand.

^_^;    This is a nervous face..ya see, in anime, the characters do this thing called a "sweatdrop." When they're nervous, or someone does or says something really stoopid, everyone sweatdrops. A drop of sweat appears on or over their head..sorta like, how one sweats when they are nervous. So this face means that I'm like "uuhh..okay." Or that you said something stoopid, heehee. The number of ; depends on the degree of nervousness. The more there are, the more nervous I am.

o.O    Now this one can be looked at a few different ways. Some say that they're bug eyes..but to me, it's always really been like, raising an eyebrow. Sometimes it's also used in nervousness.. but in that case it's more of a like.. "uh..riight, whatever you say."

=_=    Not as common as the others, this face means I'm tired, REALLY tired.

-_-    This is sort of an angry face. When I'm in a bad mood, I'll use it when talking about what made me angry i.e. LizFav: Crosswinds deleted my page today -_-   Also used as a sort of glare, like if you say something I don't like


minna    A word found throughout the page! Japanese for "everyone"

gomen    Also seen as "gomen nasai." Japanese for "sorry"

ja!    Again with the Japanese *grin* It's sorta like, "see ya!" Also seen as "ja ne!"

ano    And yet more Japanese..can you tell that I watch too much anime? It's sort of like "uumm.." commonly used by me when saying something like "ano..sorry to bother you.."

ne    Tacked on the end of a sentence, it's like "right?" ie.."You know you want to, ne? ne?" turns into "You know you want to, right? right?" Also sorta like that thing people do when they nudge someone with their elbow and they're like "eh? eh?"

The ML    dun dun dun!!! To me, this refers to the love of my life.. The Jonny Quest Mailing List. If I don't tack a name on before "ML" then I mean the JQML. This place is my home! I've been a member for four years on Jun. 22, and I've met some of the best people ever on this baby.

fanfics/fanfiction    As it sounds..stories written by the fans, for the fans. I am OBSESSED with fanfics. I spend all my time online reading them, usually over at fanfiction.net I have over 300 links that are all fanfic pages, and its all I ever do! Most of the time I'm just too lazy reading fanfics to put up my away message *grin* I have written a few, but good luck trying to find them! lol..only I, and people on the ML, know where they can be found, and don't expect me to fess up!

Yuu Yuu Hakusho    One of my current anime obsessions. It's a rather old series, from the early 90's. It's about this boy, Yuusuke, who was this big bully who got hit by a truck when attempting to save a little kids life. He gets to the afterlife, finding out that the kid wouldn't have died, and his death was unexpected. Because he died doing a good deed, he gets to "redeem himself." The series is about him hunting down and killing demons who make it to the human world along with his enemy-cum-best friend Kuwabara, Hiei the half fire demon/half ice demon, and Kurama, who is half human half youko.

Weiß Kreuz    is the series I am currently OBSESSED over. It's about these four guys (Aya, Yohji, Ken, and Omi) who are part of an assasin group who hunts down the scum of the human population (drug lords, kiddy molesters..stuff like that) at night..but during the day (well, Omi goes to school, but after school!) they work at a flower shop *grin* There are so many side plots that make the series great. I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY TAPES!!!! heehee. To see a picture of the Weiß guys, head on over to my personal page^_^