C'est Moi!

Welcome to the page all about me, your wonderful webhostess. I am a girl of many names..some of them including Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy, Iz, Izzy, Little Fav, Hey You, and a various assortment and swears and curses ^_^

I live in the humble town of Quincy, Massachusetts...where one day last week, I saw a tumbleweed go skipping down the road.. 'twas very scary. I mean..its not a huge city..but thats just SCARY. I mean..we were just driving along (no, I was not driving : ( ) and this..thing..was tumbling down the road. It was like something out of a really bad western movie *shudder* but anywho.. I'm a junior (well.. I will be when the year starts again) at North Quincy High School (eeew heehee).

I take all advanced classes (what the hell am I thinking?!?!) and by well.. halfway through first term I'll be dead x.x

After a long time of searching (err..or forgetting to ask nix for a link to the gallery) I finally found the picture I was looking for!! Here is me, posing for the camera (theres a funny story behind it all..but I'll save that for another day..) its sort of old, but I pretty much look the same.. I don't own the blue striped shirt anymore, but I still wear my spaceghost one all the time.

heehee...I suppose I should say a little more, ne? umm.. I have a mommy, and a daddy, and a nicky, and a rebecca...lol. I'm the baby of the family, and I am SOO spoiled *grin* its the truth... umm.. I love anime, emo, animation, reading, fanfics.. all sorts of fun stuff. I have a job (woo!!) I work at Renaissance Coffee and Tea Emporium (note: link will take you offsite and out of my frames.) Its a good job..good money, good people.. ^_^

uumm... I love Weiss Kreuz!

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