*sniffle* I guess this means you're leaving me.. *sob* YOU SAID YOU'D ALWAYS LOVE ME-- oh.. ahahahaa.. *sweatdrop* Never mind.. *grin* But seriously..this is my extensive link collection to places I honestly think are worth your spending time there.. but don't forget to come back, y'hear? It's not too organized right now... but I'm trying^_^;;
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Bands Ultimate Fakebook-This is the page for the AWESOME band, Ultimate Fakebook. They've got some of the best songs I've ever heard.. especially "Far Far Away (The Star Wars Song)" I've spent forever trying to find their first cd, with no luck, so I'll hafta get it when I see them in concert (wai!)
MxPx-Official page of MxPx.. it's really awesome, but you need all sorts of shockwaves and stuff...
The Fault-Home of the local band, The Fault. I command you, visit! Great guys, even if their bassist is skanky note: Tim says he can't be a skanky bassist anymore, 'cause he has a girlfriend, but psht! now he's just the skanky bassist with a girlfriend.. hahaha!!
The Get Up Kids-One of the greatest bands known to mankind, I love them so much.. I have all of their cds, and almost all of their records..and I'm trying to get all the comps. they're on.. they're just such a wonderful band *gush*
Weezer-Does this need any explanation? I THINK NOT
Less Than Jake-Yes people.. a ska band. Ska is not dead!! Well.. it kinda is.. but Less Than Jake is so damned cool.. especially their new(er) cd.. I just love it so much... Misc. fanfiction.net-Home of over thousands of fics, of almost every type
Cassie's Page-Cassie's page.. I dunno if she updates anymore or anything..
Pern-The home page for the awesome author Anne McCaffrey, with tons of information on her Pern series
Vlad Tepes-A website about Vlad Tepes, the Real Dracula. Really interesting (if thats the kind of stuff that interests you) and fun to read about
Sanguinarii Liberi-A website of links about vampires, horror, and supernational webpages
Elisabeth Bathory-About Countess Elisabeth Bathory, who is considered a "real-life" vampire
The Slightly Less Than Offical Spork Homepage-Never updated, but HILARIOUS!! It's got all kinds of great spork related stuff
Quincy Online-Wow!! It's our city's very own webpage..
The Unofficial Nancy Drew Page-The name says it all!! Good if you're just looking for titles and stuff..but it doesn't have lots of information on the stories themselves..
BCentral-Where I got my counter