This is the story of three friends.

And what happened when one of them just flipped a lid...

There were once two girls, Liz and Katherine.

They were both very good girls.

Katherine was a pretty Greek girl who was rereading Harry Potter.

Liz was a quiet Italian girl who was rereading the Black Jewels Trilogy.

One day, these girls met Courtney.

But little did the girls know..Courtney was actually a sword-wielding, chocolate obssessed lecher!
Courtney tempted them with sweets.

Courtney tempted them into bed.

Clothes went flying.

Liz was a fun bedmate.

Katherine, however, was more funny than fun.

Fed up with Katherine, Courtney snuck up behind Katherine and attacked!

Katherine got away, but Courtney dealt her a damaging blow to the side.

Courtney was about to finish Katherine off when entered....MODCOURTNEY, her identical crime-fighting twin!

MODCOURTNEY tied Courtneys hand and feet together and rescued Liz and Katherine.

It turns out, however, that Liz and Katherine were actually hookers. So in the end, all three girls were arrested.