stuck in this helpless void.
unable to move, unable to breathe.
all there is is pain, crushing down every second.
ready to die.
i could shred myself to pieces.
but no, dieing now would be losing...quitting at this horrible game we call life.
I'm not a quitter.
life sucks.
deal with it.
my problems are meaningless.
i am you, to everyone.
fuck everyone.
i cannot be the best...i cannot be close to good.
i am a loser.
maybe it doesn't matter if i quit.
maybe you'll just forget me.
all i have to hang on
that's what I love.
but what i love is not important.
i am not important.
not in anyone's eyes.
music is all i have left in me.
and dreams.
dreams that I cannot fulfill.
dreams that i will never be able to be close to achieve.
maybe that is what was meant for me.
being the nothingness that i am.
i am a disappointment.
i am no one.
i can be deleted from your memory.