Last updated: 10/18/03

Mahoujin GuruGuru
"Magical Circle GuruGuru"

Author: Etoh Hiroyuki
Genera: RPG spoof
Number of volumes as of February, 2003: 15
Anime Status: Was an anime in the early 90s. Im translating it for a fansub.



Episode 26
Side story


The Devil Lord Giri has awoken from his 200 year sleep and threatens the world! So a "Hero" (Nike), and a "Sorcerer" (Kukuri) go on a quest (along with some other people here and there) to become stronger and to defeat Giri.

Kukuri is the last of the tribe of MiguMigu, the sorcerers who had sealed Giri 200 years earlier. Her tribe practices GuruGuru magic, but since no one is left alive to teach Kukuri, she must discover spells on her own, and find secret spells hidden here and there on her quest.

Nike must find the 4 element swords (hes pictured to the right with the "sword of fire"). As he finds each sword, he becomes stronger and closer to being able to defeat Giri.

While this sounds like a noble fantasy story on the surface, in reality its an insanely hilarious spoof on any RPG style video game youve ever played. Granted, Ive hardly seen or played much RPG games (never cared for them), but its still funny as hell. Its similar to the Legend of Mana, only unlike LoM, it doesnt try to be serious. Its just pure insanity.

Perhaps the most hilarious character in this series (though its really hard to pick just one) is the old man called the "KitaKita Oyaji". He dances the "KitaKita" dance of his tribe (traditionally danced only by females), and he always wears the dancing garb (a grass skirt and a silly headband >v<) Even though he has no real value as a party member (hes more in the way), he always manages to find himself into so many scenes in this series, and every time I just look at his picture, I practically roll on the floor laughing. Don't get me wrong, every character is hilarious, but I think this guy takes the cake

Not only are the characters crazy, but the story itself is very funny and entertaining. It spoofs not only RPGs, but manga and anime as well. This series is a must for anyone who is a fan of manga, anime, or RPGswhich is practically everyone who comes to this page, so GET THIS SERIES!! ^_-