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Last updated: 7/4/04

Shishunki-miman Okotowari

Author: Watase Yuu
Total number of volumes: 7 (the first 3 are "S-mO", the next three are "Zoku S-mO", and the last one is the last episode of Zoku combined with 2 other yomikiri)
Genera: Teen comedy/romance
Anime Status: None that I know of, but 4 novels and a theme song were released.
Art Style: It's Watase Yuu, but pre-FY. Even in early FY, she wasn't as good as she is now. She was still into drawing her people a bit chubby and Ranma-ish in looks (check out Magical Nan or Gomen Asobase if you want to see her earliest works which REALLY DO remind me of Ranma...)


Asuka, who lived in Hokkaido with her mother, moves to Tokyo to look for her father she has never even met before. When she gets to his house, he is not there, only his children who claim they have never met their father either. Asuka decides to stay with her "brother" and "sister" while she looks for their father. Her two "siblings" are living alone and things sorta complicate when Asuka and her "brother" start to fall for each other (they're not sure whether they're related or not). It's rather hentai at times, but funny. Parts of it often remind me more of shounen manga instead of shoujo manga ^_^


I have translated all three volumes of regular Shishunki. Those interested, go here

Shishunki-miman Okotowari Favorite Character Poll Results

First place: Higuchi Asuka
Runner-up: Sudo Kazusa
Tetris no Miko's favorite: Sudo Kazusa... wow, girl-power ^_^v

The Characters
Translated from the manga

Higuchi Asuka:

*Birthday: 7/28/74
*Blood type: O
*Height: 5’4 Weight: 110
*Eyesight: L: 1.5, R: 1.2
*Measurements: 34-23-34


*Meat, salad, cake, pickles
*A manly, yet gentle boy.

*If she stumbles, she gets right back up.
*She can’t resist helping others.
*She appears practical, while in reality she’s too trusting, and gullible.
*She puts up a strong front while she’s crying inside.


*To become a P.E. teacher (her only talent is sports)
*To become a pretty bride and run a bright and happy household like Sazae-san.
[* "Sazae-san" is an anime character from a VERY old anime (the 60’s?). She’s a housewife who is a bit out of it, but is joyful. I only saw the show a couple times, so I don’t know much ^-^]

Sudo Manato:

*Birthday: 7/4/75
*Blood type: B
*Height: 5’10 (still growing) Weight: 145
*Eyesight: L: 1.5, R: 1.5


*All foods (except shallots)
*A bright and energetic, sexy girl. He prefers them on the chubby side.

*He acts tough, but he is actually gentle and shy.
*Because of his sense of duty to take care of his little sister, he sometimes feels lonely and wants a shoulder to lean on.
*With his brains, brawns, and bright personality, he should be popular with the girls, but he’s a bit of a bully and a pervert.
*He is interested in girls, but because of his little sister, he has never had a girlfriend. He is worried that he might not ever get married.

Sudo Kazusa:

*Birthday: 2/15/76
*Blood type: AB
*Height: 5’3 Weight: 105
*Eyesight: L: 1.0, R: 1.2
*Measurements: 31˝-23-33˝


*Fish, eggs, yogurt

*She is obsessed with her brother, whom she has depended on all her life.
*She has a cool attitude towards others, and knows how to treat boys.
*The opposite of old-fashioned Asuka
*Deep inside she feels very lonely, but she puts up a strong font.

Hayami Tooru:

*Birthday: 4/3/75
*Blood type: B
*Height: 5’10 (still growing) Weight: 145
*Eyesight: L: 2.0, R: 2.0


*Cigarettes, alcohol
*Fighting, picking up chicks
*A glamorous, sexy, sweet, and strong willed girl.

*He’s so strong he’s the leader of a gang, but since he’s a nice guy underneath, he usually kids around.
*He dyes his hair, but thinks that the gang members of today should be a little more sophisticated.
*He has had experience in his shadowy past with an older woman and was really in love with her, but she abandoned him.

Kamiya Yoko:

My second-favorite character ^-^ (and Kazusa’s my favorite…that’s strange; my two favorites are GIRLS for once O_o). She was the captain of the gymnastics team in Jr. High, and is a prissy snob with an insane laugh >: )= I love her servants, too ^_-


A new teacher who is very big on discipline. He’s pretty funny, but there’s more to him than meets the eye…