Last Updated: 7/12/09

Used Stuff for Sale and Trade...and FREE.

Not much stuff left...

(I have put asking prices by these used items, but I am also willing to take other used merchandise in exchange. See my Wish List if you want to do a trade…)


Sorry, but no shipping outside the United States!

Anime DVDs

Transformers, the movie (20th anniversary special edition) [still shrink wrapped!] -$10
Street Fighter II (with comic book) [still shrink wrapped!] -$10
Manga!! All original Japanese $2 each, shipping not included [* indicates complete set]

*Alice 19th, vols. 1-7
*Dou ni ka Shitai!, vols. 1-6
*Shounan Jun'ai Gumi (GTO prequel) 1-15 (*these are $4 each because each volume contains 2 volumes worth of pages… the series is complete at 15 volumes)

Books and Artbooks!! all original Japanese and quite rare. Each book is $20.

Seiran Den (Nakago novel)
Eikou Den, part 1

Miscellaneous Stuff: (a lot of these were "furoku," the goodies that come in manga magazines, are out of print and rare)

1. "To Heart" metal trading card (Lemmy Miauchi) $10
2. Binetsu Shoujo Photo Album (holds 20 pictures) - $5
3. Fushigi Yuugi Band Aid (Manga style: Tamahome, Miaka, Mitsukake, Chiriko) -$5
4. Fushigi Yuugi Band Aid (Manga style: Tasuki, Chichiri, Nuriko, Hotohori) -$5
5. Shocomi Postcards (Plus One (2), Hot Shout) - FREE
6. Random Walk (by Yoshizumi Wataru) band aid (with Yuka) - $5
7. Mitsukake Shitajiki (very rare) -$20
8. Fushigi Yuugi coffee table coaster (with SD pics of Miaka and her seven dudes). Still in original plastic wrapping, VERY rare. -$20

Contact me at i_love_tasuki@juno.comif you’re interested in anything…