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"the demon of cool"

There must be a dark-side to everything, right? Well, at long last, I have found him!! The demon for the saint! The Demon of Cool!! Now, looking at that picture above, you may say, "all I see is some hot Japanese guy; what makes him a demon?" …that’s a very good question… one that can only be answered through countless hours of meditation and animal sacrifices… oh, you don’t care anymore? Then it’s settled! Gackt is the Demon of Cool!!

I was first lured by Gackt’s evil powers when I saw him play billiards against Hii-chan from the comedy duo DownTown (they host "Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ"). His evil grand entrance through an evil trapdoor with lots of evil dry ice and an evil pose caught my eye. Then, my attention was captured for good once he spoke in his gravely, monotone’d voice. His evil magical powers enabled him to defeat poor Hii-chan, and then he went on to sing "LU:NA", this outrageously cool punk-song. Though he was obviously lipsinking the thing, his twichy-dancing and his bogus backup dancers were just so cool that I was hypnotized into buying his new album the next day…

And Gackt’s evil venom has seeped further into my veins, as I have purchased his first album, Mars. … LOVE so many of the songs, but don’t think much of "Vanilla", that song most English-speaking Gackt fans seem to worship…I dunno, it doesn’t seem Gackt-ish enough for me…plus I HATE brass instruments ^^;; But for the longest time, I didn’t even realize that song WAS by Gackt! I thought it was a L’arc ~en Ciel song ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I had only heard a couple snippets of it on commercials on TV in Japan (the chorus, mostly), and Gackt does sorta sound like Hyde in the chorus of that song… Ahhhhhh, but whatever.

Here are some song translations!!

I now have 7 of Gackt's albums (Mizerable, Mars, Rebirth, Moon, Crescent, Love Letter, and Diabolos), but Mizerable and Rebirth are copies (ahhhh! I'm sorry! I'll buy the real ones when I go back to Japan!… if I can still buy them new by then ^^;). Crescent includes lyrics sheets for both Moon and Crescent, so I can finally translate more songs from Moon besides LU:NA! Apparently, the "stories" connect the albums Moon and Crescent into one big story which was why he didn't include Moon's lyrics until Crescent was released… it sounds to me like it's a story about vampires and he turned the chick he loves into a vampire (or something) and she was killed, but he survived and he misses her and hopes that she's reborn into a better life. Meanwhile, I think he is also killed at the end of the story… he just reminisces all this other stuff as he's dying… or something… Well, enough detective-work, you figure it out yourself : p

Asrun Dream
E Yume ~ for my dear ~
U + K
freesia ~ op. 1 ~
freesia ~ op. 2 ~
Illness Illusion
Dare mo Inai Heya de


Seki Ray

Message from Gackt: When the story of Moon lowers its curtain, I wish for you to imagine a new Moon story in your heart. I leave you these lyrics as a key to unlock the new stories of Moon. I wish for you to experience the single story in both albums first hand. First, close your eyes and feel. Then, reach out your hand… there lies a new story of Moon. -Gackt Camui
…Okay, whatever ^-^;

Speed Master
death wish
Mising ~ Egao o Misete ~
Another World

mind forest
Tsuki no Uta
Kimi ga Matteiru kara
Hoshi no Suna
Lust for Blood
white eyes
Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume
Last Song
Orenji no Taiyou (duet with Hyde of L'arc en Ciel)

From Love Letter

I don't really like this album. He sings like a mainstream bad singer >_<


From Diabolos
I intend to translate the following...

Todokanai Ai to Shitteita no ni Osaekirezu ni Aishitsuzuketa...

...all the other songs on the album are crap : p

*I am not that familiar with Gackt, and most of the "information" on this page is purely my own observation from having seen him on one TV-appearance. I respect Gackt as a musician and I can’t honestly say I *dislike* any of his songs I’ve heard thus far. Don’t sue me or flame me for misrepresenting Gackt. Thank you.

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