Last updated: 9/3/05

Chibi Maruko-chan

Author: Sakura Momoko
Current number of volumes: 15 (as well as a couple other volumes that are side-stories)
Genera: Grade school comedy/every day life
Anime Status: It is an anime that I watch. Very popular.
Art Style: Very....minimal, but thatís part of the charm ^_^


a collection of stories about a grade schooler named Sakura Momoko's every day life (she's called "Maruko" because her face is round - marui - and "ko", means "girl", or "child", so her nickname is "round-girl" ^_^ it takes place in the late seventies in Japan, and is cute, and funny. The animation style sucks, but it's a good anime/manga to get into. In the manga, also, the author, Sakura Momoko, also has cute little stories about her life in other stages (like jr. high and high school, and kindergarten) a lot of these stories are used in the anime and are adapted for Maruko. (yes, Maruko and the author ARE different people. The author just uses her personality and experiences as a child to create Maruko.

Just a random fact: The theme song in 2000 for the anime was sung by the Kinki Kids ("Kinki no Yaruki Manman Song") ^-^.