My Policy

General Rule: Donít use anything from my page(s) without my permission.

Youíll find this is a general rule with most webpage-owners. Itís just polite ^-^ There are certain things on this webpage that I have spent literally HOURS creating, and I wouldnít be too happy if I found those things copied and pasted into other peopleís webpages.

Another reason why I donít want people taking stuff from my page is this: All manga pages will end up looking the same. I find it annoying going through several pages on the same subject hoping to find different material, but finding they all share the same images, same information, same formattingÖ.etc. I donít think anyone should make a webpage on anything unless he can provide something new (like some different images, different fanfiction, different fanart, a different slant on things, etc.)

Things you may NEVER take from my page:

Translations - This means everything on my webpage that is translated including translations of manga, teasers for manga, anime songs, articles, interviews, etc. However. Things that take little effort to translate, like character profiles, titles, and short quotes, may be used with my permission.

Summaries - I donít mean my little blurbs that are one paragraph long; I mean summaries to entire volumes of manga, or entire novels. Thereís nothing stopping you from making your own summaries, so you donít have to use mine.

Things you MAY take from my page: (with permission, of course)

Images - While scanning images takes time, it takes no effort or talent, so I donít mind people using my images. Just keep in mind that when people look at the images on your site, they will most likely see something they have seen before. If you donít have a scanner, or want to use a couple of my images, that makes perfect sense, but wanting to use ALL of my images is a bit much. Just ask my permission anyway.

Links - Feel free to link me any time. To make linking easier, I made a few banners for my various pages. Just donít link me from some porn site or anything ^_-

Asking for Permission

Just send an e-mail to, stating what you want to use from my webpage, and why. Try to keep it short, too.

If you have noticed pages with some of my "stolen" stuff on them, please let me know, too. (Just send me an e-mail with their URL so I can see for myself.)